Project Life 2014

Obviously I will be making a ton of posts about project life in my daily blog but I thought it would be nice to just have a place for you to come and just see the progress of the year without any words (Yes I am a rambler). ENJOY!!

Title Page

Project 20

 Week 1

  Project 21.1 Project 21.2

Week 2

Project 23.1 Project 23.2

Week 3

DSC_0001 (4)DSC_0008 (5)

Week 4

DSC_0021 DSC_0018

Week 5


Week 6

Week 7

DSC_0013 DSC_0009

Week 8 


 Week 9

DSC_0008 (3)DSC_0007 (3)

Week 10

DSC_0005 (3) DSC_0001 (3)

Week 11


Week 12

Week 12a Week 12b

Week 13

Week 13aweek13b

Week 14

week 14a week 14b

Week 15

week 15a week 16b


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