Capilano Suspension Bridge-2013 Album Share

Project 8

Oh this layout and all the fun I had with creating it. It is the first layout I made when starting back up with scrapbooking where I really felt innovated and like I was creating something very personalized to my style. The pattern paper came in a scraptastic kit club with the design of circles already one it but with a lot of red tones to it. Now I am not a fan of scrapping with red because I find it so hard to do. My idea was simply to take each circle as a chance to decorate on its own and add in pink with the teal to make it more me. I also looked at my three photos and found that they would work being cropped down into circles as well and added into the pattern instead of making them the traditional 4×6 and really sticking out on the layout. I was so pleased with how it turned out in the end with all the little elements added that were also from the scraptastic kit. My favourite part was adding the washroom people to help define Sean and I as a couple. This was kind of our last big date that hooked us in and helped us realise we wanted the committed relationship with one another.

I actually can still remember the drive up to the bridge in his truck. I just had this feeling that day that this situation of us being together was going to become a routine. I also loved that he was adventurous and wanted to walk along the glass opening which went out over the river and the skinny walkway to get there. We walked all along the paths and just talked about random things as we were still getting to know one another. And then that moment when you know you have your man hooked in (now your all going to pretend like you have no idea what I am talking about but it’s a lie you have). I was walking up the steep steps in front of him and I could just tell he was checking me out, you know that weird feeling you get. When I turned around I totally caught him and he turned bright red, which of course just made the whole situation that much better.

It was a really fun day and I love being able to document these small moments that when you look back can say this day helped bring us together and to where we are now. That is what I wanted to represent with this layout and I think I did a good job with it.

Thanks for reading along with my adventure today

See you next week.