Project Life 2015 Game Plan

Can you believe it’s time to start a new year of PL? I can’t; last year has just gone by way too fast (could be because I had a baby that keeps me on my toes all day everyday). I have enjoyed every minute of working on my 2014 album but there are also a lot of things I wish I had done differently. So for 2015 I have come up with a new game plan and thought I would share it with you today.

  1. Switching from weekly to monthly- I enjoy being able to document every little moment that has happened in 2014 but it is Jan 1, 2015 and I am only caught up to July. It’s just too time consuming to do it weekly. I have a game plan of doing weekly PL only when a new addition is added to our family (meaning maybe two more times). I hope that by switching to a monthly format I will be able to keep caught up and keep everything in one binder. I just can’t imagine going through two binders a year every year for Jaxon’s life! EEK!!!
  2. Only using style A- Though it was fun to challenge myself with different style page protectors I have learned style A is what works best for me. Now I mean more using that type of orientation then the actual style. I tend to take tons of vertical¬†pictures that fit perfectly in the 3×4 pockets and then I can collage all my horizontal ones!
  3. No more main kits- The main kits for PL are just TOO big. There are so many cards that I will never use more then once. I loved the idea of them but I have found mini kits and Value kits are what work best for me. I need the variety of being able to switch things up every spread!
  4. Dealing with my photo’s better- I have this mess of unorganized photos just sitting on my computer. Yes they are organized by month but half of them or just horrible pictures that need to be deleted. So to keep this from happening again this year my goal is to organize my pictures weekly. Every Sunday I plan on sitting down and deleting the photos that need deleting. This should help with the chaos.

So there you have it. The few things I am tweaking for my 2015 Project Life!

Now lets just see if it works!prevsig (1)




Where I am at with Project Life

I always knew I was going to be a little behind when it came to Project Life this year because of the way I had set everything up for myself (only printing pictures once a month), but I had no idea just how far behind! It is currently September 13 and I am about to work on my week 16 spread (that’s 21 weeks behind just in case you were wondering). I am still loving the process of creating weekly spreads and I have done a great job of keeping track of what’s been going on in our life but the actual process of completing a spread has just not been happening for me. I already have so many idea’s to help myself stay a little more up to date for next year! So with that being said I am going to try and accomplish three weekly spreads this weekend. Here is what I have completed within the last month and a half…

Project Life Vs Jaxon’s Album

Happy August!!

I have had a few of you lovely ladies ask if I do my project life as just my only album documenting Jaxon’s life or if I do a separate album for him and if so what do I put in that album. Well I am here to answer you question!! Or if you perfer you can just watch the video I did basically addressing the same thing. (Don’t worry I sometimes hate reading a long blog post too you wont hurt my feelings. PROMISE!!) Watch It Here!

So the quick answer is I have a separate album for Jaxon; How I choose what to put in that album is actually pretty easy for me. If there is a story to a picture that I wouldn’t be able to document in my project life then it goes into his album! Example the story of Jaxon’s dresser:

In my project life spread I did one pocket documenting the fact that we got his dresser in his room and how my parents had helped paint it…DSC_0012 (2)

There was more of a story to tell though so I created a separate layout talking about how much I wished I could decorate his nursery with paint on the walls and everything but living in a rental that just wasn’t possible. Plus I had more pictures to add that were not put in on my PL.DSC02276 DSC02278

I really just use my project life to document what each week looks like in an overview forum. I am hoping that it will be a fun way to recall the small things that we did during the year and proof of when certain things actually occurred (yes Sean and I tend to recall things happening at different times and lets just say he tends to be right more often then I do).

My regular scrapbook layouts are especially the ones I am adding to Jaxon’s album are meant to have a story behind them. The important things like how I felt when he came into this world and how he had these cute curls on the top of his head that made him look like he had horns. The things that don’t need to be dated into a specific time frame but rather the emotions that were felt while he was a baby.

I hope this helps anyone who was wondering how I separate my albums. Happy Scrapping!!

Talk Soon!!

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Lets Talk About Project Life! PROS & CONS

DSC_0003 (4)I am working on my week 10 today (yes I am that far behind and not even a little worried about it) and thought I would just share how I feel about my experience thus far. First off I LOVE project life and am so happy I decided to start it this year and not wait until 2015! The fact that I have all the small details of what’s going on in my life right now with a baby is so fun to look back on. He is growing and changing so fast that if it weren’t for PL I am sure I would have already forgotten a lot of it. I do find however that there are pros and cons to PL and just thought I would share my feelings on the matter


  • I have documented the little things that often get forgotten
  • I find myself taking more pictures so I have a variety to choose from each week
  • It’s fun!!
  • Each pocket has to potential to represent a mini layout which I love
  • I am adding in pictures that I wouldn’t document in a normal album


  • Without a printer at home (which I do not have) it is almost impossible to keep up
  • Core kits have WAY to many of the same cards and I found myself bored with the one I bought so fast that I then had to create my own
  • (With the way I embellish) One year is most likely going to take up 2 albums and that means if I keep doing this even for just 5 years that’s 10 albums that need to find a home (I own 9 albums right now and have been scrapbooking for over 10 years)
  • It is hard to tell any type of in depth story without the balance of the spread looking off

So this is very personalized to my feelings on the matter and in no way am trying to discourage anyone from doing PL! I actually am in love with it and do plan on continuing on in the up coming years (just maybe in a different fashion). Well that’s all I have for today. I am working on a post about the difference between my PL and Jaxon’s album which I hope to have up by next week. Until then…

Talk Soon!!

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Project Life Inspiration From YouTube

Happy Saturday!!

Recently on one of my FB groups Project Life Junkies I asked if any of the ladies made process videos for project life. There were a few who answered with their channels but mostly I got other ladies who just also wanted to see what else was out there to watch. So if your anything like me watching process videos has just become a part of your own process for scrapbooking. I am absolutely addicted to them, especially Project Life shares! Because I have a feeling you are just like me I thought I would share with you a few of my favorite ladies who share their process (or just share their layouts) for doing PL!!

First off I would love if you would check out my channel Christy Harriman. I have a playlist with my project life shares that you can check out here.

Voice Over Process

  • Kayla Renee– She is doing not only a yearly PL but also an album done in PL style for her son’s first year!! AMAZING
  • KraftinKate– She just made a new PL video¬†a few days ago and I was so happy!! She doesn’t have a ton of PL videos but I really think you will like the ones she does.
  • Lisa Wilkinson– Let me warn you that if you don’t like long videos this gal isn’t for you but otherwise you will enjoy her indepth process! She just joined a design team as well so she should have lots of videos coming soon!
  • MercyTiara– We all love Tracy’s process videos and I don’t think anything needs to be said about how incredibly talented she is!
  • Niki Rowland– Niki right now is my favorite channel to watch for her ideas when it come to PL! Plus you have to enjoy listening to an accent!
  • RetroHipMama– I just found out about Andrea thanks to my post in the FB group. Haven’t seen many of her videos yet but the couple I have seen are fantastic!!
  • The Scrappery– Nae is an Australian who now designs her own PL kits (just another reason I wish I lived there) and her layouts are AMAZING!! She just started sharing her PL videos about 5 months ago and already has tons of content to check out. (her earlier videos are music process not voice over)
  • Two Peas In A Bucket- So yes I know the store and site is no longer in business but I believe that their YouTube videos will still be available to watch which is so exciting!! With the different Garden Girls making process videos you are able to get different ideas from everyone. The two playlists I recommend from them are Captured and PL Saturday’s

Music Process

  • Deb Egan– Deb has a great range of video lengths so there is something for everyone!!
  • Happy Scrappie-Beautiful is all there is to say plus great music!!
  • Katie Gordon– She does a full share with only music and they are normally short and sweet
  • MiaSockergryn– She doesn’t post very often but when she does its amazing to watch her create such pretty PL layouts!

Completed Shares

  • Audrey’s Wifelife– First off she is funny!! I love listening to her and her shares are fantastic!!
  • Danielle Rozinski– Danielle has just started sharing her PL on YouTube. She shares a month at a time and its beautiful!!
  • DoodleDeeDesigns– If you love having someone explain exactly what they have done to their PL layouts plus share their story this is the channel for you! She is so easy to listen to and very inspiring!!
  • GothamCityStamper– I am a new subscriber to Heidi’s channel but so far I think she will be a fun addition to my must see YouTubers!
  • MaryAnn Perry– MaryAnn hasn’t made a video in over a year but that doesn’t mean your not going to love watching her PL shares.
  • MNC512– I truly enjoy just catching up with Mari and her family with her PL shares
  • OhaiJoy– First off she has the best voice EVER! Second her layouts are just as good!! Check out her playlist!
  • ScrapFromScratch– Love her PL shares and she has a great mix of shares and then a few that actually show her process as well!
  • Shelly Bailey– Simply put I ADORE Shelly’s work!! She is by far one of my favorite gals to watch and if you have never seen her videos you’ve got to go check her out!!


I hope these links will help you enjoy some new videos you might not have seen yet. I always find that once I have watched a process video I myself am inspired enough to go and do something scrappy of my own!

Talk Soon

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