Hello November!!

fallLast night was Halloween and I have to say it was so much fun handing out candy to all the cute little kids. I have three favorites from the night…

  1. This little girl who was probably around six knocked on the door and said “I am miss Rapunzel; Trick or Treat!”
  2. There was a toddler girl dressed up as an elephant (Favorite costume of the night)
  3. Another toddler (boy this time) who I can’t remember what he was dressed up as, decided that my lanterns that were flashing colors was way more interesting then getting candy! (How cute is that!?!)

HalloweenI even had the pleasure of wearing a cute little shirt that I was so excited to be able to wear. I am just now into the start of my third trimester so its obvious I am pregnant but I am not so huge that I am too uncomfortable (the perfect balance really). Sean and I took turns handing out the candy so he got to have a little fun with it too! Then I learned that when he was younger his dad was the one that took him trick or treating while his mom stayed home and so that tradition might stay the same with our little pumpkin too just so its something the two of them can experience together! (This will show up in my next family traditions post I plan on doing in December).

Anyways enough about that… Yesterday was also a doctors appointment for me to see how my gestational diabetes was doing. Obviously I had an idea of it going pretty well considering I haven’t gone over my numbers once since I started testing but its still nice to hear that from an actual professional. Now not only was I right but she told me that I was doing so well that I now only have to test myself every other day!!! Apparently its a little uncommon for someone who had as high of blood sugar from the testing such as I had to be able to get it under control so fast (GO ME)!!! She also told me my blood pressure was perfect and that I was measuring exactly where I needed to be for 28 weeks. Then she made a comment saying in general I looked small for how far along I was so I am obviously carrying well. Gotta love those comments no matter where they come from, especially if you feel like you weigh a gazillion pounds. HAHA!! Speaking of weight they were also happy to see that I had gained two pounds since last week. That brings me to a grand total of 13 pounds gained. (Now that’s the way I like to be considering when I got pregnant I was considered overweight so gaining a ton of weight was not really recommended).

All in all I can honestly say this was one of my favorite Halloweens ever (until next year of course when my lil pumpkin gets to show off his first costume)

January CalenderAs for my crafting life I am doing really well there too. I have about ten weeks ready to go for Project life 2014 and this is basically all I work on during the day. I tend to go through phases where I want to scrapbook non stop and then other times where I don’t really want anything to do with it. So i figure I might as well take advantage of it while I can. My actual scrapbooking layouts haven’t had too much attention from me but I plan on completing at least 5 layouts by the end of the month.

I basically have absolutely no complaints at this moment and am so content with life. Bring it on November!!

I also thought I would just include my last couple of weekly shots for you as well in this post. I still plan on doing my final third trimester post once baby is born but that’s a few months away still and who wants to wait that long for pictures. LOLWeek 24 Week 25 Week 26



6/52 Lists at Age 26


love_people1Give hugs // Give without expecting anything in return // Give compliments // Smile // Apologize // Send thank you letters //  listen intently // Accept others differences // Be kind even when others are rude // Give a handmade gift // Listen // Pray for others // Call someone when I start thinking about them // Make breakfast for Sean one morning a week // Hold open doors // Be patient 

5/52 Lists at Age 26


gratefulSean // My Parents // Val // My adorable nephews // My soon to be niece // Seeing Tristan born Growing up with my Grandpa Harriman’s influence // Reading The Happiness Project by Gretchen Rubin // Having all my 5 senses // Traveling to Mexico the summer after my senior year in high school // The lessons learned from past relationships // My grandparents all living a long and full life // My health // That my whole family was there when Grandpa H passed away // Having the ability to live in either Canada or the U.S. // Having a roof over my head and food on my table every day // Being blessed with the little one growing inside me // That I have seen very little divorce in my entire family // Learning the lesson of patience // That I tend to be optimistic about life // That I can feel other peoples emotions // Staying in the same school system my entire childhood // Growing up in a small town // My love of reading // Being able to stare up at the stars // Growing up knowing there is a God who loves us // Never been through a huge natural disaster // Being able to go to my Grandparents lake house while growing up // Clean sheets // Excedrin for my migraines // That I have never tried a drug in my life // Being able to capture memories // Having grown up with the best dog and cat anyone could ever ask for and that they both passed away at a very old age // Changing of the seasons // Lazy days // Rain // The quiet of mornings // Life 

4/52 Lists At Age 26


meadowBe debt free // Own our own home // Deliver a healthy baby // Get married // Be able to stay at home // Travel to Europe // Never get cancer // Have four children // Go to a scrapbooking convention // Learn to speak Italian // Complete a hardcore workout series // Be a good mom // Do a Project Life // Be more active // Do more outside // Complete a happiness project // Read through my goodreads library // Go on a tour of the major US cities // Travel through all of Canada // Become a better cook // Donate blood // Own a french bulldog // Decorate most of the nursery with my own creativity // Go a whole year without buying anything made in China // Write a more in-depth blog // Skydive/bungee jump // Visit Australia // 

3/52 Lists At Age 26

blog.wk3images (5)I graduated with honors // I am compassionate // I have learned to not be jealous of others // I can scrapbook my memories // I have dealt with loss // I am patient // I have never done an illegal drug // Desire to better myself constantly // My manners // I have had kidney stones and survived // I have made life (with the help of the good lord and Sean of course) // I have a good sense of humor // Love of reading // I have dual citizenship // Moved to a different Country (okay so its only Canada but still) // Respectful // Loyal // Ability to not spend money when needed // Being in a healthy & loving relationship // Being happy for others // Growing up in Washington State

Saturday Morning Ramblings

saturday morningsEver notice when you can’t seem to just do one thing at a time? Instead you are multitasking no matter how small or big there doesn’t seem to be too many times during the day when multitasking doesn’t come into effect. I came to this realization today while I was on my way to work listening to my new audiobook I borrowed from the Library to be played on my kindle (I am too cheap to pay for books when you can just get them for free). I am loving the book but its funny because I am also reading a book too! Now obviously I don’t read one book while listening to the other (That would be some great multitasking skills); but I am still having to remember the two stories in my head so I don’t mix them up. Good news they are so complexly different from each other its not too hard of a task to do.

wildWild is the book I am actually reading. It took me hours to finally decide what my first book would be to read on my new Kindle Fire (birthday present from Sean). My mom gave me her library card number so that I could check out a book through one of their ebook sources without actually having to pay for it. There are good and bad things about this. GOOD I don’t have to pay for a book obviously… Also its a great way to download a book and then be able to give it back and clear up the space it took up on my kindle. I have no idea how much space is actually available on it; but I like it when I can unclutter things. BAD the library does not have most of the books on my goodreads list so I had a heck of a time (like how I didn’t swear there I am getting better with that for the baby) finding a book I was interested in actually trying to read. That’s where my audiobook came into play….room

I have been wanting to read this book for a long time now but I haven’t really had the time (okay that’s a lie I haven’t made the time and have been trying to save money which is another reason the library card is good). It was the first book I searched for but all that was available was the audiobook for of it. I decided to borrow it anyways. Room if you haven’t already read it is about a mother and her son who have been locked into a room since the mom was 19 years old. The whole story is told in the eyes of the 5 year old little boy Jack. I am about 1/3 of the way through (I have a really long drive to work) and I am so so happy that I got this book on audio instead of actually reading it myself. It is so much more animated that way and the way its written is by the boy calling everything just as it is… He doesn’t use the word “the” in front of whatever object he is talking about, just whatever the object is like duvet or rug.

Okay so back to the point I am now currently embarrassing my multitasking ways and I do believe that I will keep reading and listening to two books at a time from now on!!

P.S. I will have my actual book reviews out on these books when I finish as to why I haven’t told you much about them.

2/52 Weekly Lists At Age 26



Listening to a crackling fire // Soaking in a hot bubble bath // Listening to my softer music // Chocolate chip cookie dough // Cheese soup // That moment when you first wake up // Sweaters // Green bean Casserole // Watching the snow fall // Long driving trips alone // Chapstick //  The smell of Sean whenever he is close // Being cuddled up in a blanket // Listening to the rain // Driving with the windows down // Glass of wine // Candlelight after the power goes out // The smell of flowers while on our evening walks // Pumpkin Spice Latte // Stargazing // Placing my hand on my belly (Being pregnant at the moment and everything) // Looking at Christmas lights // Wearing boots // Clean sheets // The smell of Autumn put into a candle // Pasta // Long hugs from Sean