Three Projects In One!!

Happy Wednesday!

I started working on my first layout for my new season of Obsessed with Katty & Christy when I realized I could combine it with a Paper Issues Challenge and my own 99 Layout Challenge. In my goal to create layouts with intent behind them I find this really falls into that category.

My main priority was to follow the recipe challenge Katty and I had created for this first episode.15902539_413677195644911_1006828254_o

Long Title: Paper Issues Challenge

For the past few months I have noticed myself see a phrase or word that really spoke to me and made me think “hey this would make an awesome title for a layout”. Of course I would neveb91c25130bf2b51589a73633db95bafbr remember all of these (especially with the baby brain I have going on right now) so I created a board on my Pinterest account; “Titles“. When looking for my long title for this layout I went straight there and found the perfect quote…
Around the same time I also noticed that my new favourite scrappy FB group,  Paper Issues Friends & Family, was hosting a challenge called “Working Titles” and the goal for this month is to create a large title. Only I am taking that as meaning a long title! Two for one and yet very meaningful.

Design Idea: 99 Layout Challenge

While trying to decide how I was going to create the design for my layout, it571b54d8693273c2e73bc1d4d612e663 hit me I could just use one of my inspiration layouts I have saved for my 99 layout challenge. I scrolled through and found this really fun layout by the amazing Tracy Banks (Mercy Tiara on YT). It had all the right design elements I was looking for and enough pattern paper ideas to help get me to use the four papers we had chosen for this episode. It also lent itself to being able to use the long title I needed as well.

The best part is following this scraplift made my layout come together super fast and I already knew it would look good because I could see a finished product before even begging. This is what I love about scraplifting and this challenge I have set for myself this year.

Final Elements & Thoughts

As stated above this layout came together very quickly and I am in love with the final product. What I didn’t mention was that there is actually a fourth element to this layout. While trying to figure out what photos I wanted to use, I found myself searching through my box of layouts I want to re-do and came across this one…layouts5And though I still like the layout and think it would be okay to keep when I look at my album right beside it is a layout that looks so similar to it and I just wasn’t happy with the overall feeling this layout gave me.

I carefully took it apart and used as many of the elements as possible along with my other challenges to help create my final layout…dsc05479

I am so much happier with this layout and it fits so much better in my album when flipping through. I created a flap and my other two pictures are hiding behind the top one. Of course this being a YT series I also have a process video if you are interested in seeing me put it all together here. But I really wanted to share my entire though process with you for this.

I hope you enjoyed and I will talk to you soon!






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