2017 Resolutions

Happy 2017!

I was a little sad to see 2016 go as it was a great year for my little family. But never the less it’s time to look ahead and start making some scrappy resolutions for this new and exciting year.

1. The number one thing I want to do this year is scrapbook with intent. Meaning not just a layout because the photo is cute but because of the awesome story behind it. I am going to allow my yearly albums to have 5 fluff layouts but the rest are going to be meaningful. Now let me explain why…

I do a TON of layouts within a years time, and I mean a ton. Now doing all of that means I get to be caught up faster with previous years but it is also showing me that I am going to have a lot of albums by the time my children are older. So to reduce this just a little I came up with my 5 fluff rule.

2. The second thing is still within this no fluff kick and some of you are not going to agree; so be prepared. I plan on going through my albums and pulling out the layouts that I have created that are fluff. Eek I know what am I thinking.

I figure if I pull out those layouts that don’t really have much meaning to them and re-use as much of the product as possible I can then take all those pictures and add them to some type of photo book. This will make it possible to still look at the cute pics I took through the years but keeps my scrapbook albums to the stories!

3. Project Life 2017! That’s right I am going to attempt to tackle PL again. I figured with our little bundle coming along in April it would be a great opportunity to document all those little pictures I will take like I did with Jaxon in 2014. I also plan on attempting to FINISH 2014 PL as well.

4. 99 Layouts- Yes you heard me I plan to create 99 layouts this year. Doing the math that will be about 8 layouts a month. I created a board on pinterest to help me get inspiration and I plan to keep myself accountable by blogging about each layout.

5. Finally I am planning on doing a fun thing on my YT Channel where I share a small stash of stash I own and do a giveaway. I have tons of beautiful products that are just not my style and sitting in my craft space. I would like to simplify by doing small stash giveaways.

So there you have it my 5 Scrappy Resolutions for 2017!



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