Minimalist Thursdays

If you have been following me on either my own channel or the SMS channel on youtube. You might have noticed I did a new series where I took something I love but can feel overwhelmed by and created a layout with it.

Originally I was going to do a blog post every week going over them layout by layout when it dawned on me it might be fun to see them all together as it would show the progression of how I kept them simple in an all around overview.

For the first episode I really wanted to focus on doing mixed media. I love getting messy and creating fun backgrounds with my products but I find its always a guessing game and I have thrown away a ton of backgrounds because they never turn out right. So instead I focused on just doing the mixed media with my Shimmerz dazzlerz and only on the glassine bags which helped minimize any chance of me not loving the outcome.Layouts3

For my next challenge I went with dealing with sequins in a fun and unique way that wouldn’t have me just clustering them in threes or in a pocket. Those are always my go to ways of using sequins so I wanted to get out of my comfort zone but not in such a way where the layout didn’t look like me. My end result was to line them up like I would use a border strip. I used the Hot Right Now Sequins which worked so well in helping me bring out a few pops of colour to my layout.Layouts4

Week three brought me to using the awesome felt shapes from the shop! Because the clouds were white I wanted to mix things up and use a coloured cardstock for this one. I chose a sky blue for obvious reasons and used it to help make the felt clouds pop off the page. Then for a neat contrast and to help tie in the photo of me walking I used the red-fettie hearts! All in all I think it turned out really neat!Layouts5

And finally week four brought me back to sequins. Again I really wanted to find a way to highlight them in a way that was different than anything I had done before. So when I saw this pattern paper with the gold dots on it, I knew it would be the perfect solution to place the passion flower sequins on top which would make it look random without actually being random! I was also following the mood board from the August challenge on the SMS 15 minutes to scrap FB group so my colours were already chosen for me! Layouts6

And there you go! My four layouts for August Minimalist Thursday. Coming in September I will be switching things up and doing my layouts on Tuesdays with the title Trendy Tuesday. I can’t wait to show you what I have come up with!