Family Memories-2013 Album Share


I am sorry it’s been so long since I posted a layout from my 2013 album! Life has been a little crazy this summer. But I am back and hope to get a layout a week if not more done so I can catch up and move on to my 2014 album (which of course is not actually done yet but lets not go there)

This was one of the layouts I created towards the end of completing this album and when I look at it I can kind of tell. Don’t get me wrong my style is still there but it has a rushed look to it as I was just really wanting to finally have an album FINISHED!

It was also a hard layout to create as this was the last photo I have with my Grandpa who has since passed away.

My entire life they lived way up north Quisnel in the winter and Kelowna in the summer, so when they decided to move down to the mainland to be closer to everyone it was so nice. I was able to come and visit them almost every week.

This photo is also really special because it was taken right before I found out I was pregnant with Jaxon. I can tell by the roundness in my face now but back then I had no idea such a miracle was on its way.

This was a very simple layout with a simple message about loving how close they are to me now but I am happy its in my album so I can always remember that time with them.




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