You & Me-2013 Album Share

DSC04060Every time I flip to this layout in my 2013 album I just simply smile. Not because of the layout itself but because of the story behind the photos (if you read my four dates layout post you might catch on).

When Sean and I first started dating I was still living in Washington and every year in April there is a Tulip Festival in Mount Vernon which was about 45 minutes from where I lived. I really wanted to go and thought it might be a fun thing to do as its not something we could just go out and see whenever.

Needless to say he agreed and we went. It was fun to walk around and take pictures together, he even let me take multipule shots to make sure I liked them. But that is not why I love this layout so much. I love it because it shows how interested he truly was into me at the beginning of our relationship. How many guys would just up and travel 45 minutes away to see flowers… not many (and trust me he probably wouldn’t do it now that we have been together so long); and he did it happily without complaint. It just made me so happy that he was willing to do something I wanted to do. And now every time I see this layout I simply smile because I found one of the good guys and am always so thankful about it.

As for the layout itself, I pulled in things from a kit club I was working with at the time; If I recall correctly it is mostly Scraptastic. I knew there wasn’t really enough to make it a full 12×12 so 8 1/2 x 11 it became. Looking back at it now I love how I did the horizontal split with the two main pattern papers. I think it helps bring a happy feel to the layout. Then the rest was just a matter of layering things. I was just starting back out with scrapbooking at this time so you may be able to tell my layering is a little on the lighter side compared to what you would see me do now. My title was simplistic with using a wood veneer but covering it with washi tape (I thought this was very clever at the time). And finally the splatters, now if you look not so closely at the photos you will see little white dots on our faces, this was one of my very first attempts at splatters and at the time it never dawned on my to cover the photos. Let me tell you Lesson Learned!

A simple layout with a happy back story.

See you next week

xoxo. Christy


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