My Sister-2013 Album Share


Welcome to the layout of a million stitches. It took me a long time to create but I think the time was well spent for such an important person in my life.

Here’s the story:

My sister and I never lived in the same house growing up as we have different mom’s and she is 7 years older then me. We were never really close because of that but she has always been my “idol”. This being said as I have gotten older and don’t see things through rose coloured glasses anymore I have come to the realization that she is not superwomen just my big sister who makes mistakes and bad decisions from time to time…

So when I learned that she was pregnant with her third child from a guy I had never heard of before I was a little taken aback. Then she explained it all and she went from someone I was a little shocked and surprised by to someone I admire greatly. You see this guy was not just anyone. She had a long distance relationship with him for sometime and was finally going to North Carolina to visit him and his family for Christmas (her two boys were at their dads that year). A month later she found out she was pregnant. When she went to tell this guy he said to her I can’t do more kids so its either this baby or me…

Now let me state the fact my sister is in her thirty’s with two boys she has full time and raises by herself. My ex-brother-in-law rarely helps out and both boys are very active in sports.

My sister told that guy to get lost!!!

Nine months later my beautiful niece was born and my sister is a happy mother of three doing her best to provide a nice life for her children who are all thriving.

At the same time my sister was pregnant with Keira, Sean and I also started our family and I was four months behind her and she was there for me in full support since day one.

There was just something special about being pregnant at the same time and it brought us closer together then I had ever been with her. We now have a bond like none other and I get to talk to her on a weekly basis.

And that’s why I created this layout. I wanted to showcase a time where she made the choice to let her daughter live.

The layout itself was actually pretty simple to make. I just punched a ton of little holes in a sunburst effect and then used my stash of embroidery floss. I didn’t want the floss to be too bright that it took away from the photo which is why I went with the ombre yellow. I then used three pieces of pattern paper to mat my photo along with the wood-grain frame and a transparency under it all just for a fun texture.

Then it was just the task of embellishing and bringing your eye into the photo. At the time I was subscribed to the scraptastic and citrus twist kit clubs and used their products to help bring it all together. And of course who doesn’t love pink sequence.

All in all I am proud of this layout because I am proud of my sister.

See you next week!




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