Apartment Love-2013 Album Share

DSC04516 Right before I met Sean and moved to Canada, I was living in a little two bedroom apartment in very rural Lynden WA. I loved everything about that place because it was all mine. It was the first and only time I ever truly lived alone and though I wouldn’t want to do it again, I truly loved that time in my life.

When it came to documenting my apartment I had tons of mini stories but nothing that really warranted a whole layout on its own. This is how I came up with the three photo layout and mini journaling just to remind myself of this time. But when I really sit and think about it there is so much more behind this layout then just these three photos.

  • The first one is of a frame in my washroom that just reminds me to keep calm. I also loved it because it really represents the colour theme I had throughout my place.
  •  The second photo is of the neighbourhood cat that always came to visit me. He was so sweet and I loved having a little friend. He use to sleep under my jeep and wait for me every day when I left for work just for a little petting session.
  • The last photo just helps remind me of the love I have for anything bird themed and let me tell you it was everywhere in my apartment. I probably had at least twenty bird themed decor items scattered around my place. After I moved I downsized that collection and I now have maybe 5 or 6 as I find they are more meaningful when you just keep the few with a true meaning.

These photos definitely help tell the story but what it doesn’t share were things like how I loved to have my bedroom window open at night as I could hear the berry pickers working away and the smell of the fields drifting in with the summer breeze. Or how pulling out of my parking spot was always a guessing game as you couldn’t see around the corner and if another vehicle was coming (thankfully I never had a bad interaction with anything other then some bushes). And how I loved going for long walks down Northwood road and just seeing the farms as I walked by. All the small town things I know miss living in the city.

To help try and put that “happy time” feeling onto my layout I picked a light pink spray mist and did a little package technique to smear the mist on my background. I then went into my stash bin and picked 3 pattern papers I thought went well not only in coordination with each-other but also helped my photos stand out.The rest of the layout just sort of came together by me scraplifting from the fabulous Nicole McMakin on youtube.

In the end I decided  to add a border to help frame the rest of the layout into itself and used a wood-grain pattern as I found it helped bring out the filters I had on my photos. This is not the most exciting layout I have ever made and it is not crazy embellished but there is something to it that I love.  All three photos just bring a smile to my face and bring me back to that short time of alone and happiness I had. I am so happy to have it as an addition to my album.

Thanks for coming along with me today, I hope you enjoyed!

See you next week.

xoxo. Christy


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