Four Dates-2013 Album Share


When you open my album for 2013 this is the first layout you will come upon. It may even be my favourite layout within this entire album (you will probably here me say that a lot). Yes partly because its just so pretty to look at but for me it’s because this layout has such a deeper meaning for me…

This layout symbolizes the start to my life with my family. If these four dates never happened I wouldn’t be where I am today with a happy toddler running around and this man who I love so deeply!

I really wanted to emphasize how these four dates were so important because I knew my journaling was going to be hidden. So I decided the best way to go about it would be to do a grid type layout where I embellished each photo individually so your eye would want to travel to each one.

DSC04936The first photo (upper left) was the very first picture we had ever took as a couple and it was taken in Sean’s apartment so the lighting wasn’t the best. I kept playing around with different pattern papers to back it with but nothing was really helping the darkness until I placed it on this awesome circular paper. It was exactly what I was looking for and helped me be able to add the darker embellishments around it like the doily and tag. I added the two word phrases to

  • A. cover up some blank space in the photo and
  • B. to help bring to focus how much I love this photo because it is the very first one of our life together.

DSC04937The second photo (upper right) was taken on a day trip to the Tulip Festival in Mount Vernon, Washington. I was so surprised when Sean agreed to go with me as it seems like a girly thing to want to do, but I think he was just trying to be a good sport about it and go along because I wanted to go. Knowing that is really why he went (as I created this layout two years after this trip) I wanted to keep it bright and happy. I also wanted to add elements that reminded me of outside which is where the wood-grain frame and feather puffy sticker come into play. The frame also helped disguise the fact that when I took the photo I chopped half of Sean’s head off (I still do this as he is just too tall).

DSC04938The third photo (bottom left) is one of my favourite shots taken on the day we went to the Capilano Suspension Bridge. There is just something about the angle of the photo I find intriguing. We had so much fun on that trip and literally walked everywhere including onto the glass overlook, which helped me realize that Sean was willing to be adventurous. Because there was so much “white space” on the right of my photo I figured a few banners would look neat all clustered together. I also had the number 4 I was wanting to get on the layout in one way or another to just repeat the fact that it was these four dates that hooked us in to one another. With there still being tons of space available on the right I placed it there to help make it stand out on its own. As for the background pattern paper I had know right away I wanted to use this Aztec type paper to help document the outdoors/woodsy feel of this photo.

DSC04939And finally photo number four (bottom right). We didn’t have an actual photo taken on this date, so I went online and grab a shot of the sea wall from google. And this is the date that really sealed the deal for me in our relationship. We rode the skytrain all the way to the waterfront and walked the entire seawall! It took us about three hours because we were just lazily walking and holding hands and talking and I LOVED every minute of our time together. To help tie in the happiness of this photo I decided to use a tag and banner which were a little more dimensional to help draw your eye in. I also used arrows to help point into the layout itself. Then the three stars were just my little something to help tie it in with all the other elements to my layout.

DSC04940With all four photos embellished exactly how I wanted them to be, I finally added my title. I didn’t want it to stick out too much so I used a simple white thicker and then finished it off with two little tweety birds to represent Sean and myself.

In the end this layout is by far one of my all time favouties and I am so happy it is the starting page to my 2013 album.

I hope you enjoyed this layout share and I will see you next week!





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