You & Me-2013 Album Share

DSC04060Every time I flip to this layout in my 2013 album I just simply smile. Not because of the layout itself but because of the story behind the photos (if you read my four dates layout post you might catch on).

When Sean and I first started dating I was still living in Washington and every year in April there is a Tulip Festival in Mount Vernon which was about 45 minutes from where I lived. I really wanted to go and thought it might be a fun thing to do as its not something we could just go out and see whenever.

Needless to say he agreed and we went. It was fun to walk around and take pictures together, he even let me take multipule shots to make sure I liked them. But that is not why I love this layout so much. I love it because it shows how interested he truly was into me at the beginning of our relationship. How many guys would just up and travel 45 minutes away to see flowers… not many (and trust me he probably wouldn’t do it now that we have been together so long); and he did it happily without complaint. It just made me so happy that he was willing to do something I wanted to do. And now every time I see this layout I simply smile because I found one of the good guys and am always so thankful about it.

As for the layout itself, I pulled in things from a kit club I was working with at the time; If I recall correctly it is mostly Scraptastic. I knew there wasn’t really enough to make it a full 12×12 so 8 1/2 x 11 it became. Looking back at it now I love how I did the horizontal split with the two main pattern papers. I think it helps bring a happy feel to the layout. Then the rest was just a matter of layering things. I was just starting back out with scrapbooking at this time so you may be able to tell my layering is a little on the lighter side compared to what you would see me do now. My title was simplistic with using a wood veneer but covering it with washi tape (I thought this was very clever at the time). And finally the splatters, now if you look not so closely at the photos you will see little white dots on our faces, this was one of my very first attempts at splatters and at the time it never dawned on my to cover the photos. Let me tell you Lesson Learned!

A simple layout with a happy back story.

See you next week

xoxo. Christy


My Sister-2013 Album Share


Welcome to the layout of a million stitches. It took me a long time to create but I think the time was well spent for such an important person in my life.

Here’s the story:

My sister and I never lived in the same house growing up as we have different mom’s and she is 7 years older then me. We were never really close because of that but she has always been my “idol”. This being said as I have gotten older and don’t see things through rose coloured glasses anymore I have come to the realization that she is not superwomen just my big sister who makes mistakes and bad decisions from time to time…

So when I learned that she was pregnant with her third child from a guy I had never heard of before I was a little taken aback. Then she explained it all and she went from someone I was a little shocked and surprised by to someone I admire greatly. You see this guy was not just anyone. She had a long distance relationship with him for sometime and was finally going to North Carolina to visit him and his family for Christmas (her two boys were at their dads that year). A month later she found out she was pregnant. When she went to tell this guy he said to her I can’t do more kids so its either this baby or me…

Now let me state the fact my sister is in her thirty’s with two boys she has full time and raises by herself. My ex-brother-in-law rarely helps out and both boys are very active in sports.

My sister told that guy to get lost!!!

Nine months later my beautiful niece was born and my sister is a happy mother of three doing her best to provide a nice life for her children who are all thriving.

At the same time my sister was pregnant with Keira, Sean and I also started our family and I was four months behind her and she was there for me in full support since day one.

There was just something special about being pregnant at the same time and it brought us closer together then I had ever been with her. We now have a bond like none other and I get to talk to her on a weekly basis.

And that’s why I created this layout. I wanted to showcase a time where she made the choice to let her daughter live.

The layout itself was actually pretty simple to make. I just punched a ton of little holes in a sunburst effect and then used my stash of embroidery floss. I didn’t want the floss to be too bright that it took away from the photo which is why I went with the ombre yellow. I then used three pieces of pattern paper to mat my photo along with the wood-grain frame and a transparency under it all just for a fun texture.

Then it was just the task of embellishing and bringing your eye into the photo. At the time I was subscribed to the scraptastic and citrus twist kit clubs and used their products to help bring it all together. And of course who doesn’t love pink sequence.

All in all I am proud of this layout because I am proud of my sister.

See you next week!



Apartment Love-2013 Album Share

DSC04516 Right before I met Sean and moved to Canada, I was living in a little two bedroom apartment in very rural Lynden WA. I loved everything about that place because it was all mine. It was the first and only time I ever truly lived alone and though I wouldn’t want to do it again, I truly loved that time in my life.

When it came to documenting my apartment I had tons of mini stories but nothing that really warranted a whole layout on its own. This is how I came up with the three photo layout and mini journaling just to remind myself of this time. But when I really sit and think about it there is so much more behind this layout then just these three photos.

  • The first one is of a frame in my washroom that just reminds me to keep calm. I also loved it because it really represents the colour theme I had throughout my place.
  •  The second photo is of the neighbourhood cat that always came to visit me. He was so sweet and I loved having a little friend. He use to sleep under my jeep and wait for me every day when I left for work just for a little petting session.
  • The last photo just helps remind me of the love I have for anything bird themed and let me tell you it was everywhere in my apartment. I probably had at least twenty bird themed decor items scattered around my place. After I moved I downsized that collection and I now have maybe 5 or 6 as I find they are more meaningful when you just keep the few with a true meaning.

These photos definitely help tell the story but what it doesn’t share were things like how I loved to have my bedroom window open at night as I could hear the berry pickers working away and the smell of the fields drifting in with the summer breeze. Or how pulling out of my parking spot was always a guessing game as you couldn’t see around the corner and if another vehicle was coming (thankfully I never had a bad interaction with anything other then some bushes). And how I loved going for long walks down Northwood road and just seeing the farms as I walked by. All the small town things I know miss living in the city.

To help try and put that “happy time” feeling onto my layout I picked a light pink spray mist and did a little package technique to smear the mist on my background. I then went into my stash bin and picked 3 pattern papers I thought went well not only in coordination with each-other but also helped my photos stand out.The rest of the layout just sort of came together by me scraplifting from the fabulous Nicole McMakin on youtube.

In the end I decided  to add a border to help frame the rest of the layout into itself and used a wood-grain pattern as I found it helped bring out the filters I had on my photos. This is not the most exciting layout I have ever made and it is not crazy embellished but there is something to it that I love.  All three photos just bring a smile to my face and bring me back to that short time of alone and happiness I had. I am so happy to have it as an addition to my album.

Thanks for coming along with me today, I hope you enjoyed!

See you next week.

xoxo. Christy

Four Dates-2013 Album Share


When you open my album for 2013 this is the first layout you will come upon. It may even be my favourite layout within this entire album (you will probably here me say that a lot). Yes partly because its just so pretty to look at but for me it’s because this layout has such a deeper meaning for me…

This layout symbolizes the start to my life with my family. If these four dates never happened I wouldn’t be where I am today with a happy toddler running around and this man who I love so deeply!

I really wanted to emphasize how these four dates were so important because I knew my journaling was going to be hidden. So I decided the best way to go about it would be to do a grid type layout where I embellished each photo individually so your eye would want to travel to each one.

DSC04936The first photo (upper left) was the very first picture we had ever took as a couple and it was taken in Sean’s apartment so the lighting wasn’t the best. I kept playing around with different pattern papers to back it with but nothing was really helping the darkness until I placed it on this awesome circular paper. It was exactly what I was looking for and helped me be able to add the darker embellishments around it like the doily and tag. I added the two word phrases to

  • A. cover up some blank space in the photo and
  • B. to help bring to focus how much I love this photo because it is the very first one of our life together.

DSC04937The second photo (upper right) was taken on a day trip to the Tulip Festival in Mount Vernon, Washington. I was so surprised when Sean agreed to go with me as it seems like a girly thing to want to do, but I think he was just trying to be a good sport about it and go along because I wanted to go. Knowing that is really why he went (as I created this layout two years after this trip) I wanted to keep it bright and happy. I also wanted to add elements that reminded me of outside which is where the wood-grain frame and feather puffy sticker come into play. The frame also helped disguise the fact that when I took the photo I chopped half of Sean’s head off (I still do this as he is just too tall).

DSC04938The third photo (bottom left) is one of my favourite shots taken on the day we went to the Capilano Suspension Bridge. There is just something about the angle of the photo I find intriguing. We had so much fun on that trip and literally walked everywhere including onto the glass overlook, which helped me realize that Sean was willing to be adventurous. Because there was so much “white space” on the right of my photo I figured a few banners would look neat all clustered together. I also had the number 4 I was wanting to get on the layout in one way or another to just repeat the fact that it was these four dates that hooked us in to one another. With there still being tons of space available on the right I placed it there to help make it stand out on its own. As for the background pattern paper I had know right away I wanted to use this Aztec type paper to help document the outdoors/woodsy feel of this photo.

DSC04939And finally photo number four (bottom right). We didn’t have an actual photo taken on this date, so I went online and grab a shot of the sea wall from google. And this is the date that really sealed the deal for me in our relationship. We rode the skytrain all the way to the waterfront and walked the entire seawall! It took us about three hours because we were just lazily walking and holding hands and talking and I LOVED every minute of our time together. To help tie in the happiness of this photo I decided to use a tag and banner which were a little more dimensional to help draw your eye in. I also used arrows to help point into the layout itself. Then the three stars were just my little something to help tie it in with all the other elements to my layout.

DSC04940With all four photos embellished exactly how I wanted them to be, I finally added my title. I didn’t want it to stick out too much so I used a simple white thicker and then finished it off with two little tweety birds to represent Sean and myself.

In the end this layout is by far one of my all time favouties and I am so happy it is the starting page to my 2013 album.

I hope you enjoyed this layout share and I will see you next week!