Project Life 2015 Game Plan

Can you believe it’s time to start a new year of PL? I can’t; last year has just gone by way too fast (could be because I had a baby that keeps me on my toes all day everyday). I have enjoyed every minute of working on my 2014 album but there are also a lot of things I wish I had done differently. So for 2015 I have come up with a new game plan and thought I would share it with you today.

  1. Switching from weekly to monthly- I enjoy being able to document every little moment that has happened in 2014 but it is Jan 1, 2015 and I am only caught up to July. It’s just too time consuming to do it weekly. I have a game plan of doing weekly PL only when a new addition is added to our family (meaning maybe two more times). I hope that by switching to a monthly format I will be able to keep caught up and keep everything in one binder. I just can’t imagine going through two binders a year every year for Jaxon’s life! EEK!!!
  2. Only using style A- Though it was fun to challenge myself with different style page protectors I have learned style A is what works best for me. Now I mean more using that type of orientation then the actual style. I tend to take tons of vertical¬†pictures that fit perfectly in the 3×4 pockets and then I can collage all my horizontal ones!
  3. No more main kits- The main kits for PL are just TOO big. There are so many cards that I will never use more then once. I loved the idea of them but I have found mini kits and Value kits are what work best for me. I need the variety of being able to switch things up every spread!
  4. Dealing with my photo’s better- I have this mess of unorganized photos just sitting on my computer. Yes they are organized by month but half of them or just horrible pictures that need to be deleted. So to keep this from happening again this year my goal is to organize my pictures weekly. Every Sunday I plan on sitting down and deleting the photos that need deleting. This should help with the chaos.

So there you have it. The few things I am tweaking for my 2015 Project Life!

Now lets just see if it works!prevsig (1)




Goodbye 2014, Hello 2015

2014 was the best year of my life! Sean & I welcomed our little monkey into this world and got to watch him grow from a little baby to this amazing little almost one year old who keeps us on our toes.

2015 I know is going to bring us lots of joy as well. After all how could it not when you have everything you could ever need! A man I am absolutely head over heels for, the best little guy in the world, a job opportunity waiting for me and the possibility of expanding our family sometime this summer or fall!

Happy New Year Everyone! I hope 2015 brings you all great JOY!