December Daily 2014 Getting Started!

It’s the Monday before American Thanksgiving and all across the land scrap ladies are prepping for the scrappiest time of the year! That’s right scrappy friends its December Daily time! I hope that if you had planned on completing your base pages before December 1st that you are well on your way, but if not don’t fear because you still have this week. Find a moment this coming weekend where you can hide in your space and just get 25 pages in an album, or create your cover so at least that is out of the way! And don’t be surprised when your desk looks like this…DSC02879Now if you are the kind of scrapper that thrives on challenges to get anything completed I have the best news for you! I have found the most amazing FB groups that are going to help you get the job done.

  1. December Daily Inspiration Group -Anything Goes!– Seriously Sue has this group so inspired to share and get creating there is a new post almost every hour from someone getting something completed. And she has challenges. Her first one is to create your cover and it ends Sunday (which is perfect timing for us scrappers that were just thinking hey I really need to get my cover done). Then on top of that she popped up with a flash challenge this weekend!!!! I’m talking serious fun here… She had us create a tag to add somewhere within our album… Here is what I came up with…DSC02913She even had a giveaway which only makes you want to create more!! So go check out this FB group is you want to get some DD crafting done because I’m telling you it will be hard not to want to create after seeing all the creative ideas being shared!!
  2. Victoria Marie FB Group– This woman has it going on ladies!! She has the best sense of Humor and is posting things left, right, and center! Victoria has created a challenge called the 12 layouts of Christmas… So if creating a DD is really not your thing maybe just making some fun layouts in a new way will be. It starts on December 1st and you have the entire month to complete 5 layouts using the prompts she will be giving us throughout the month. The best part is she stated that you wont even necessarily need to create “Christmas type” layouts. If you think this is more up your ally I highly recommend you check her FB group out!
  3. The Original December Daily– If you just simply want inspiration for anything Christmas this is the group to join! Amanda runs this FB group and its amazing! There are tons of scrappy ladies from all over the world (lots from Australia) which makes this group so fantastic. You get to see what others are creating not just the norm we see in the US/Canada!! The best part of all is if you post something in this group it will be commented on within moments!
  4. Nicole Jones 911– And of course nothing is complete without a trip to Nicole Jones 911 FB Group. If all you want is to watch someone else create a DD because its just not for you (this year) Nicole is the gal to watch. She is posting her process for each day on her YouTube channel and she is already up to day 10! Her ideas are always so inspiring and all the other ladies in her group have amazing ideas as well!

So that’s it… My recommendations for getting your DD set up by December 1st! I wish everyone the best of luck and remember to HAVE FUN!!



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