My First Day On Weight Watchers

Happy Sunday and first weekend of November!!

Yesterday I started weight watchers to see if I can loose this baby weight I gained. I feel like I have around thirty pounds to loose so I am hoping starting this will help me with that goal. I know its a strange time to start a program like this when the holidays are now in full swing (live in Canada so I count Canadian Thanksgiving as the start of the holiday’s), but here is my thinking; If I can get myself on the right track before another big family meal when American Thanksgiving comes along I wont over indulge and that means no extra weight to have to loose come the new year!

Anyways as I said yesterday I started tracking points. My goal wasn’t really to stay within my points allowance just see how many points I consume within my normal diet so I can see what needs tweaking.First thing I noticed, I am not allowed to have my daily muffin anymore!! One muffin is half my daily points… Seriously that’s just not cool; my solution is to switch to Special K cereal instead along with my cup of morning Joe (which thankfully is only 2 points)! The other happy thing I learned is that corn is not too bad either which is good because its a main staple in this household with a guy who doesn’t love veggies.

My goal for lunch’s from now on is going to be buying steamers that I can just microwave at school and once that’s over at work! Dinner’s are going to be the hard part because of course I am not just cooking for myself, but I am just going to take this one step at a time. My goal right now isn’t too loose a ton of weight its to figure out what works best for me and anything lost is a bonus!

Today I had coffee and cereal for breakfast for a total of 7 points that leaves me with 16 points for the rest of the day which is good because we are going to Sean’s dad’s place for football and dinner and that will most likely be pizza.

Talk Soon!
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