I Love October!

Happy October 1st Everyone!!


I LOVE October’s. I think it’s safe to say it may even be my favourite month of the entire year.

  1. My oldest nephew Zack was born this month
  2. Autumn is in full season and I love the semi warm temps along with all the falling leaves.
  3. Halloween and Thanksgiving (Canadian) both happen this month
  4. My mom’s birthday
  5. My house smells like spiced pumpkins because of all the candles
  6. New TV shows start

And I could go on and on but I think you get the picture. This October I am excited to take Jaxon on lots of early evening walks so I can show him all the Halloween decorations what get set up around our neighbourhood. I also plan on getting myself back into some type of workout routine and cleaning routine. School has made me very lazy with how intense this current course is. So once its completed which will be the end of this week I am planning on being able to devote some more time to all the things I have neglected since starting it. (Just an FYI Radiography is not the easiest course to take).

Anyways I am just so happy that October is here and that there are already signs of Autumn in the air. I will leave you with my latest pictures.

Talk Soon!
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