This Has Been The Hardest Week Of My Life!

637104129c19167b23929653b2592afeIt is midnight and I am in the process of letting Jaxon “cry it out” until he falls asleep. It is so hard not to go in his room and try and comfort him back to sleep but I know if I do that he will never learn how to comfort himself. It is just the perfect way to end this week from hell. My poor monkey has been teething and then on top of that this new thing with not being able to fall back asleep has just been hard on all three of us. This is the first week that Sean has had to help me deal with Jaxon in the middle of the night (through my choice because before I went back to class I felt like it wasn’t fair to make him get up in the middle of the night when he had to work so early in the morning). But the last week has just been brutal! We have had nights where Jaxon was waking up every other hour and one night where at two am he decided it was playtime and Sean had to sit up with him until he got sleepy again. All this would be fine if I didn’t have class on top of it all. I had a test today and I had no chance to study for it. Thankfully I got a passing grade so all is good but seriously I can’t keep letting that happen for weeks at a time.(Its 12:07 and I think Jaxon might have fallen asleep. I started letting him cry at 11:45; oops nope there he goes again)

Ugh thank goodness I can’t see his little face right now or I don’t think I could let him keep crying like this. He looks up at me like “mommy how could you keep letting me stay in this stupid crib and not come rescue me”. He had little lights on in his room until just last night because that way I could see him enough to feed him at night but I was so desperate that I unplugged them to see if they would help and so far I am not sure if its helping him or hurting him. My other problem is I go in there every ten minutes to rub his back and whatnot like they say to and it just seems to make him more upset.

There is a bonus fact to all this craziness though. He did start crawling today! Now its not a full on crawl across the room thing but he can crawl a few steps forward and it makes me so happy! He can also stand against the couch for over a minute now. When did he become so grown up!?!

Okay so it’s now 12:31 and he just seems to be more pissed off then anything. His cry isn’t one of anything but pure I am not happy with you mommy! It’s been a half hour so my new tactic is going in there every 15 minutes to see if it makes a difference. My sister said it took her two hours to get my niece to stop crying. Ugh this is just going to be the longest night ever! I do feel like he is getting so close to falling asleep though. His crying is becoming a little more of a whimpering now. Like its his final attempt before he just passes out from exhaustion.(And it has officially been an hour)

12:45 now he is doing the scream for a minute then quite for a moment.

12:47 was silent for ever 30 seconds then started talking

12:48 repeat

12:51 was so silent thought he was asleep but nope fooled me again (I am not going in because I feel like it makes things worse and I can tell he is so close to falling asleep)

12:55 went in to find him sitting up in his crib crying. laid him down and rubbed his tummy for a moment which I think made him fall asleep (so I wonder if that counts as me comforting him to sleep or not?) Either way this tired mamma is heading to bed and hopefully wont have to go through this again in an hour!


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