I Can’t Remember What Sleep Feels Like!

Happy Wednesday Everyone!

I am so tired I can hardly keep my eyes open and it’s only eight in the morning. Poor Jaxon is teething still and he woke up every other hour. I finally let him just cuddle with me on the couch around three am and he slept but I sure couldn’t. All I am wishing for right now is 8 solid hours of sleep which I haven’t experienced since around December of last year. Thankfully Sean’s dad and step mom want to have Jaxon for a night soon (of course that will probably mean in like two months because I just not sure I can let him go for a whole night yet). Other then that things are good! We had a lovely long weekend and I though yesterday was seriously the day from hell I did find out I got an A on my exam that I took Friday.

I am currently trying to sort out a great cleaning plan to get m home back in order as well as still working on project life. I have completed weeks 12 & 13 I just need to take the photos for them and get them posted on here for you to see.

Hope everyone is well and I will try and have a post worth reading soon!

Talk Soon!

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