Let’s Catch Up

Hi Everyone!

I know I said I was going to try and post something at least once a week but the last few weeks have just been rough. I started school on the 11th and it was full force right from the start (which is perfect for me because I tend to get bored in class when the pace is too slow);It is now the 30th and I have taken 7 test and 3 exams! Then if that in itself wasn’t enough Jaxon also started truly teething right around the same time (he has been pre-teething since he was like three months) and he does not like it what so ever. My poor little monkey was up constantly through out the night and it took hours and hours of effort to just get him to fall asleep at night. Then as soon as his first tooth came in he had one good nights rest and the second tooth decided it wanted to attempt to erupt as well (seriously!?!). Needless to say there have been a lot of very long nights and tons of morning coffee consumed. Now those two things alone would be explanation enough as to why no posts but I sadly have one more reason…

My strong willed Grandpa finally stopped fighting going to see the lord on August 20th. He had been sliding downhill in his health for months and we all knew it was coming. We thankfully were all able to say our goodbyes and the Sunday before he passed Jaxon sat in bed with him and the two of them just laughed and smiled at each other. It is the last memory I have of him but it was such a sweet moment and I am so happy that Jaxon was able to bring a little happiness back into his life before he left it.

And on that note I think I will stop this post but I promise to have another one with a much lighter tone up before Tuesday!


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