August Long Weekend

Happy Tuesday!! It was a long weekend here in Canada (hmm maybe just BC considering it is called BC Day) and my little family got together with the rest of my side of the family to get some much needed family photos done.

It was a LONG day with having to travel all over Whatcom County and then back home to Canada but it was still so much fun and we really lucked out with the border heading both ways. It was absolutely beautiful out as well; there was lots of sunscreen applied to my little family’s skin considering the last time Sean and I were outside we burned in the shade!!

We started out our adventure at my parents house where we loaded everything up and I attempted to print the photo ideas Val and I had pinned on Pinterest the week before; of course that didn’t go as smoothly as it should have and we ended up being about 45 minutes behind our original schedule. Sean and I picked up my nephews then headed to my Grandma’s to meet up with Val and Keira (they rode with my parents). We then headed off to a beach near birch bay. It was nice enough and not really busy but here’s the problem. When I think of a beach I think of SAND!!! Well this is Washington State we are talking about and there is no sand just rocks so the idea of getting these great poses kind of flew out the window. We did attempt it though, starting with Val’s little family. The boys were not in the mood to have their picture taken and so that in itself was a challenge but in the end we were able to grab a couple of cute shots maybe minus Tristan’s fake smile! It was then time to switch and have Val take my little family’s pictures. We had set up this frame to take a cute picture of Jaxon by the frame and then Sean and I would be in the background but within one minute Jaxon went face first into the sand and rocks. I guess my mom was just really shocked that he had done that or something because it took her forever to react to him and pick him up. Poor little guy had sand in his eyes and everything. To his credit though he didn’t cry just whined a little until we figured out how to get it away from his eye. Of course after that he didn’t want to be left alone so our picture taken adventure at the beach was over! We had lunch and the boys got to fly kites for a few minutes then after that we headed to Lynden to finish off the pictures we wanted to get. The park was such a great idea!! We found a little area away from everyone else and were able to just take tons of pictures then just hang out in the shade, have dessert and just visit as a family. Then before we headed back to Everson to drop everyone off we went to DQ for a yummy blizzard; Jaxon of course loved this and got to taste three different blizzards (Spoiled baby)! Once we got back to my grandma’s place we stayed for maybe 15 minutes then headed home thinking we would be stuck in an hour border wait. Thankfully when we got there we were in line for maybe 10 minutes! I think we were all happy once we got into the house and just collapsed onto the couch. Jaxon was fantastic and pretty much went right to bed.

All in all this was a great day with my family and I am so happy that we now have a family picture to share with everyone!!

Talk Soon

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