Project Life Vs Jaxon’s Album

Happy August!!

I have had a few of you lovely ladies ask if I do my project life as just my only album documenting Jaxon’s life or if I do a separate album for him and if so what do I put in that album. Well I am here to answer you question!! Or if you perfer you can just watch the video I did basically addressing the same thing. (Don’t worry I sometimes hate reading a long blog post too you wont hurt my feelings. PROMISE!!) Watch It Here!

So the quick answer is I have a separate album for Jaxon; How I choose what to put in that album is actually pretty easy for me. If there is a story to a picture that I wouldn’t be able to document in my project life then it goes into his album! Example the story of Jaxon’s dresser:

In my project life spread I did one pocket documenting the fact that we got his dresser in his room and how my parents had helped paint it…DSC_0012 (2)

There was more of a story to tell though so I created a separate layout talking about how much I wished I could decorate his nursery with paint on the walls and everything but living in a rental that just wasn’t possible. Plus I had more pictures to add that were not put in on my PL.DSC02276 DSC02278

I really just use my project life to document what each week looks like in an overview forum. I am hoping that it will be a fun way to recall the small things that we did during the year and proof of when certain things actually occurred (yes Sean and I tend to recall things happening at different times and lets just say he tends to be right more often then I do).

My regular scrapbook layouts are especially the ones I am adding to Jaxon’s album are meant to have a story behind them. The important things like how I felt when he came into this world and how he had these cute curls on the top of his head that made him look like he had horns. The things that don’t need to be dated into a specific time frame but rather the emotions that were felt while he was a baby.

I hope this helps anyone who was wondering how I separate my albums. Happy Scrapping!!

Talk Soon!!

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One thought on “Project Life Vs Jaxon’s Album

  1. Leslie says:

    Hi Christy!
    Thanks for the explanation and the video! Very helpful. Jaxon is going to love reading through his album some day :). Enjoy every moment with your little one!

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