A Good Week

Hi everyone!

I am sitting here watching Jaxon play on his play-mat all happy and content and thought it would be a great time to just jot down how the week has been going. I am so happy to say he has been in a fantastic mood pretty much all week!! We didn’t do much after Tuesday but that’s okay with me; once the middle of August hits we are going to be going non-stop until Christmas break!! I got some great snapshots this week too because he was in such a posing mood (well as much as a 6 month old is willing to pose).

Monday-Went to school and applied for government grants while Jaxon spent some time with his grandma and apparently didn’t even make the slightest whine so that was great to hear. Was finished sooner then I expected so we headed down to the States so I could water my parents plants while they are out of town (should be home this weekend which will be nice to see them and finally celebrate dad and my birthday) We Papa Murphey’s pizza for dinner because by the time I got home cooking was just not going to happen.

Tuesday- Jaxon and I went to our last babytime ever…SAD! Was able to get a great shot with my two other mommy friends I made there that were also graduating (not going to post this pic because I don’t really have their permission of posting with their little guys) Afterwards we went to Michael s where I was able to get some organizational things to help me get my little scrap-space in order. Including these great 12×12 boxes to hold pattern paper and other things that I have been waiting almost a year to buy! Then from there we had to drive to his Dr. apt in South Surrey where he checked out perfectly and now weighs 24 pounds and is 28 inches long!! He is going to be taller then me before he is even ten years old I just know it! He is in the 99.9 percentile for his weight which just cracks me up!! She also said he is a  little advanced with how well he can sit on his own which always makes me feel like a proud mamma!

Wednesday- Finally a day to rest!! I worked on week 8 of my Project Life and just spent some time with my happy little monkey! Learned his new favourite place to play is the carpet with his little ball that his nana gave him. He is also trying to figure out just how to get his little body to move right for crawling (He is growing way way to fast) I searched YouTube for summer 2014 country hits and have been listening to all my favourite songs of the moment too so it’s always nice to be inspired by music while scrapping!

Thursday- I wasn’t really feeling too well so I was happy that Jaxon was just as content as I was to just lounge around all morning watching YouTube videos on scrapping!! I did manage to get a little more energy in the afternoon so I finished my week 8 Project Life spread and I also organized and cleaned our entryway area including the dining room table which is used as my scrap storage! I rolled up the rug that we were using because it kept getting bunched up and I was just so tired of tripping over it every time I came in from outside and I am sure Sean was too. I replaced it with the chevron rug that was in Jaxon’s room in his closet (I am sure he wont mind sharing); I will save the other rug though because I think it will work well when I have an actual scrap room!! When I put the I-Robot on to clean the floor Jaxon thought it was the most fascinating thing ever and just sat in his little chair and watched it for a good half hour. I felt very accomplished after that!!

Friday- So today my goal is to start working on week 9 of PL and maybe get my kitchen cleaned. I still don’t feel so fantastic but I have this goal of getting my entire house cleaned and organized by September 1st and I have only done my front room and my fridge… EEK!!

Hope everyone has a great weekend!!

Talk Soon!!

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2 thoughts on “A Good Week

  1. Leslie says:

    Hi Christy!
    I found you through YouTube and have enjoyed your Project Life shares! I have a question about how you organize your albums. Is the Project Life album you’ve been sharing your family album? If so, do you have a separate album for your son? I’m having a hard time deciding which photos go in our family album and which go in my childrens’ albums! Just wondering how you do it. Thanks!

    • Hi Leslie
      I do my project life as just a basic overview of what each week looks like. So any journaling I have is very basic and not in depth. I then have a separate “family” album that I add any type of non PL scrapbook layouts to and then another album that is completely dedicated to my son. For his album I only add things that I feel are in depth stories that wouldn’t come across on a regular PL spread. I will write a blog post by next week on this to help explain more!!! Hope this helps! Happy Creating!!

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