Today Will Be The Day

Happy Monday!

For me today will be the day I find out if I can go back to school this fall or not. I have a meeting with the financial department at the college I want to attend and I couldn’t be more excited; however if for some reason this doesn’t happen right away I am not worried. My plan will be to just get a part time job and work until I can attend the next opening (which I believe is in January). This is worth while also because I would actually start in November for the two months worth of computer lab time needed and then complete the course after that. I would be done around July which would indeed be a great birthday present to come away with a “real job” where I can help support our little family in some way more then just being a fantastic care giver. It gives our family the ability to move to the community we really want to be in and eventually buy the home we are wanting to one day own!

So as I said today will be the day I find out if all this can come true! Wish me luck!!

Talk Soon!!

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