The Difference A Year Can Make


Last year Jaxon was just this little miracle growing in my belly (I was hardly even showing) and this year he is almost 6 months old!! The Difference A Year Can Make!

Last year I was preparing for motherhood and this year I am preparing for classes (in order to get a better paying job). The Difference A Year Can Make!

Last year Sean & I were just starting our life by moving in together and this year we are working on saving for a Townhouse for sometime down the road. The Difference A Year Can Make!

I always knew that there would come a day when my birthday didn’t give me that “night before Christmas” feeling and this was the year it happened. I think becoming a mommy made my priority’s so different that celebrating my birthday just isn’t all that important. I think for me Mother’s Day will replace my birthday in that perspective; celebrating the life I was able to create with the man I love just has so much more meaning then becoming a year older.

Now with all that said I did still have a great birthday! Jaxon and I went to Baby Time (which I almost forgot about because I had been busy working on updating this blog) then we went to the scrapbook store and I bought myself some new pattern paper as a present to myself. When Sean got home he have me a beautiful card…

Just hold my hand and you’ll feel it… Look in my eyes and you’ll see it… Listen when I whisper your name and you’ll hear it… Kiss me and you’ll be absolutely sure… I am just crazy about you! Happy Birthday Sweetheart

Then we dropped Jaxon off at my MIL and went out for our first real date since having Jaxon! We went to Red Robin (my choice) and just talked about all the things that we need to do for our future to be succsessful. It’s always nice to get back on the same page even though we really weren’t that far apart on what we were thinking.

It was a great day and I am so happy that I will get to celebrate every birthday from now on as a mommy!!

The Difference A Year Can Make!

Talk Soon!!

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