Holy Crap I’m 27


So it’s official I feel old!! I always knew the day would come when I no longer felt that anticipation for my birthday to come and I am sad to report today is that day. I woke up knowing it was my birthday but it truly just feels like another day. I think my new favorite day will be Mother’s Day from now on but of course only time will tell. Now just because I don’t feel any different today doesn’t mean that I don’t have big plans for this upcoming year. In fact I have more plans then I can even keep up with right now.

  1. Actually keep current on my blog
  2. Go back to school for dental/medical receptionist
  3. Start saving for a house
  4. Loose the baby weight
  5. Complete Project Life 2014

I have tons more but I think 5 is plenty to keep me busy for now!

My first goal is simple just blog once a week and if I happen to blog more that’s great. I find myself trying to reference things that I know if I had just written out on this blog would make things so much easier to recall (this comes into play a lot when trying to do PL or finish my pregnancy album for Jaxon). As for the rest of my goals, well I will talk about them some other time. Right now I have a (almost) 6 month old fighting his morning nap and this mama is going to go cuddle her son to sleep!!

I am determined to enjoy my first birthday as a mommy!!

Talk Soon!!

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