Lets Talk About Project Life! PROS & CONS

DSC_0003 (4)I am working on my week 10 today (yes I am that far behind and not even a little worried about it) and thought I would just share how I feel about my experience thus far. First off I LOVE project life and am so happy I decided to start it this year and not wait until 2015! The fact that I have all the small details of what’s going on in my life right now with a baby is so fun to look back on. He is growing and changing so fast that if it weren’t for PL I am sure I would have already forgotten a lot of it. I do find however that there are pros and cons to PL and just thought I would share my feelings on the matter


  • I have documented the little things that often get forgotten
  • I find myself taking more pictures so I have a variety to choose from each week
  • It’s fun!!
  • Each pocket has to potential to represent a mini layout which I love
  • I am adding in pictures that I wouldn’t document in a normal album


  • Without a printer at home (which I do not have) it is almost impossible to keep up
  • Core kits have WAY to many of the same cards and I found myself bored with the one I bought so fast that I then had to create my own
  • (With the way I embellish) One year is most likely going to take up 2 albums and that means if I keep doing this even for just 5 years that’s 10 albums that need to find a home (I own 9 albums right now and have been scrapbooking for over 10 years)
  • It is hard to tell any type of in depth story without the balance of the spread looking off

So this is very personalized to my feelings on the matter and in no way am trying to discourage anyone from doing PL! I actually am in love with it and do plan on continuing on in the up coming years (just maybe in a different fashion). Well that’s all I have for today. I am working on a post about the difference between my PL and Jaxon’s album which I hope to have up by next week. Until then…

Talk Soon!!

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A Good Week

Hi everyone!

I am sitting here watching Jaxon play on his play-mat all happy and content and thought it would be a great time to just jot down how the week has been going. I am so happy to say he has been in a fantastic mood pretty much all week!! We didn’t do much after Tuesday but that’s okay with me; once the middle of August hits we are going to be going non-stop until Christmas break!! I got some great snapshots this week too because he was in such a posing mood (well as much as a 6 month old is willing to pose).

Monday-Went to school and applied for government grants while Jaxon spent some time with his grandma and apparently didn’t even make the slightest whine so that was great to hear. Was finished sooner then I expected so we headed down to the States so I could water my parents plants while they are out of town (should be home this weekend which will be nice to see them and finally celebrate dad and my birthday) We Papa Murphey’s pizza for dinner because by the time I got home cooking was just not going to happen.

Tuesday- Jaxon and I went to our last babytime ever…SAD! Was able to get a great shot with my two other mommy friends I made there that were also graduating (not going to post this pic because I don’t really have their permission of posting with their little guys) Afterwards we went to Michael s where I was able to get some organizational things to help me get my little scrap-space in order. Including these great 12×12 boxes to hold pattern paper and other things that I have been waiting almost a year to buy! Then from there we had to drive to his Dr. apt in South Surrey where he checked out perfectly and now weighs 24 pounds and is 28 inches long!! He is going to be taller then me before he is even ten years old I just know it! He is in the 99.9 percentile for his weight which just cracks me up!! She also said he is a  little advanced with how well he can sit on his own which always makes me feel like a proud mamma!

Wednesday- Finally a day to rest!! I worked on week 8 of my Project Life and just spent some time with my happy little monkey! Learned his new favourite place to play is the carpet with his little ball that his nana gave him. He is also trying to figure out just how to get his little body to move right for crawling (He is growing way way to fast) I searched YouTube for summer 2014 country hits and have been listening to all my favourite songs of the moment too so it’s always nice to be inspired by music while scrapping!

Thursday- I wasn’t really feeling too well so I was happy that Jaxon was just as content as I was to just lounge around all morning watching YouTube videos on scrapping!! I did manage to get a little more energy in the afternoon so I finished my week 8 Project Life spread and I also organized and cleaned our entryway area including the dining room table which is used as my scrap storage! I rolled up the rug that we were using because it kept getting bunched up and I was just so tired of tripping over it every time I came in from outside and I am sure Sean was too. I replaced it with the chevron rug that was in Jaxon’s room in his closet (I am sure he wont mind sharing); I will save the other rug though because I think it will work well when I have an actual scrap room!! When I put the I-Robot on to clean the floor Jaxon thought it was the most fascinating thing ever and just sat in his little chair and watched it for a good half hour. I felt very accomplished after that!!

Friday- So today my goal is to start working on week 9 of PL and maybe get my kitchen cleaned. I still don’t feel so fantastic but I have this goal of getting my entire house cleaned and organized by September 1st and I have only done my front room and my fridge… EEK!!

Hope everyone has a great weekend!!

Talk Soon!!

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Today Will Be The Day

Happy Monday!

For me today will be the day I find out if I can go back to school this fall or not. I have a meeting with the financial department at the college I want to attend and I couldn’t be more excited; however if for some reason this doesn’t happen right away I am not worried. My plan will be to just get a part time job and work until I can attend the next opening (which I believe is in January). This is worth while also because I would actually start in November for the two months worth of computer lab time needed and then complete the course after that. I would be done around July which would indeed be a great birthday present to come away with a “real job” where I can help support our little family in some way more then just being a fantastic care giver. It gives our family the ability to move to the community we really want to be in and eventually buy the home we are wanting to one day own!

So as I said today will be the day I find out if all this can come true! Wish me luck!!

Talk Soon!!

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Project Life Inspiration From YouTube

Happy Saturday!!

Recently on one of my FB groups Project Life Junkies I asked if any of the ladies made process videos for project life. There were a few who answered with their channels but mostly I got other ladies who just also wanted to see what else was out there to watch. So if your anything like me watching process videos has just become a part of your own process for scrapbooking. I am absolutely addicted to them, especially Project Life shares! Because I have a feeling you are just like me I thought I would share with you a few of my favorite ladies who share their process (or just share their layouts) for doing PL!!

First off I would love if you would check out my channel Christy Harriman. I have a playlist with my project life shares that you can check out here.

Voice Over Process

  • Kayla Renee– She is doing not only a yearly PL but also an album done in PL style for her son’s first year!! AMAZING
  • KraftinKate– She just made a new PL video a few days ago and I was so happy!! She doesn’t have a ton of PL videos but I really think you will like the ones she does.
  • Lisa Wilkinson– Let me warn you that if you don’t like long videos this gal isn’t for you but otherwise you will enjoy her indepth process! She just joined a design team as well so she should have lots of videos coming soon!
  • MercyTiara– We all love Tracy’s process videos and I don’t think anything needs to be said about how incredibly talented she is!
  • Niki Rowland– Niki right now is my favorite channel to watch for her ideas when it come to PL! Plus you have to enjoy listening to an accent!
  • RetroHipMama– I just found out about Andrea thanks to my post in the FB group. Haven’t seen many of her videos yet but the couple I have seen are fantastic!!
  • The Scrappery– Nae is an Australian who now designs her own PL kits (just another reason I wish I lived there) and her layouts are AMAZING!! She just started sharing her PL videos about 5 months ago and already has tons of content to check out. (her earlier videos are music process not voice over)
  • Two Peas In A Bucket- So yes I know the store and site is no longer in business but I believe that their YouTube videos will still be available to watch which is so exciting!! With the different Garden Girls making process videos you are able to get different ideas from everyone. The two playlists I recommend from them are Captured and PL Saturday’s

Music Process

  • Deb Egan– Deb has a great range of video lengths so there is something for everyone!!
  • Happy Scrappie-Beautiful is all there is to say plus great music!!
  • Katie Gordon– She does a full share with only music and they are normally short and sweet
  • MiaSockergryn– She doesn’t post very often but when she does its amazing to watch her create such pretty PL layouts!

Completed Shares

  • Audrey’s Wifelife– First off she is funny!! I love listening to her and her shares are fantastic!!
  • Danielle Rozinski– Danielle has just started sharing her PL on YouTube. She shares a month at a time and its beautiful!!
  • DoodleDeeDesigns– If you love having someone explain exactly what they have done to their PL layouts plus share their story this is the channel for you! She is so easy to listen to and very inspiring!!
  • GothamCityStamper– I am a new subscriber to Heidi’s channel but so far I think she will be a fun addition to my must see YouTubers!
  • MaryAnn Perry– MaryAnn hasn’t made a video in over a year but that doesn’t mean your not going to love watching her PL shares.
  • MNC512– I truly enjoy just catching up with Mari and her family with her PL shares
  • OhaiJoy– First off she has the best voice EVER! Second her layouts are just as good!! Check out her playlist!
  • ScrapFromScratch– Love her PL shares and she has a great mix of shares and then a few that actually show her process as well!
  • Shelly Bailey– Simply put I ADORE Shelly’s work!! She is by far one of my favorite gals to watch and if you have never seen her videos you’ve got to go check her out!!


I hope these links will help you enjoy some new videos you might not have seen yet. I always find that once I have watched a process video I myself am inspired enough to go and do something scrappy of my own!

Talk Soon

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The Difference A Year Can Make


Last year Jaxon was just this little miracle growing in my belly (I was hardly even showing) and this year he is almost 6 months old!! The Difference A Year Can Make!

Last year I was preparing for motherhood and this year I am preparing for classes (in order to get a better paying job). The Difference A Year Can Make!

Last year Sean & I were just starting our life by moving in together and this year we are working on saving for a Townhouse for sometime down the road. The Difference A Year Can Make!

I always knew that there would come a day when my birthday didn’t give me that “night before Christmas” feeling and this was the year it happened. I think becoming a mommy made my priority’s so different that celebrating my birthday just isn’t all that important. I think for me Mother’s Day will replace my birthday in that perspective; celebrating the life I was able to create with the man I love just has so much more meaning then becoming a year older.

Now with all that said I did still have a great birthday! Jaxon and I went to Baby Time (which I almost forgot about because I had been busy working on updating this blog) then we went to the scrapbook store and I bought myself some new pattern paper as a present to myself. When Sean got home he have me a beautiful card…

Just hold my hand and you’ll feel it… Look in my eyes and you’ll see it… Listen when I whisper your name and you’ll hear it… Kiss me and you’ll be absolutely sure… I am just crazy about you! Happy Birthday Sweetheart

Then we dropped Jaxon off at my MIL and went out for our first real date since having Jaxon! We went to Red Robin (my choice) and just talked about all the things that we need to do for our future to be succsessful. It’s always nice to get back on the same page even though we really weren’t that far apart on what we were thinking.

It was a great day and I am so happy that I will get to celebrate every birthday from now on as a mommy!!

The Difference A Year Can Make!

Talk Soon!!

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Holy Crap I’m 27


So it’s official I feel old!! I always knew the day would come when I no longer felt that anticipation for my birthday to come and I am sad to report today is that day. I woke up knowing it was my birthday but it truly just feels like another day. I think my new favorite day will be Mother’s Day from now on but of course only time will tell. Now just because I don’t feel any different today doesn’t mean that I don’t have big plans for this upcoming year. In fact I have more plans then I can even keep up with right now.

  1. Actually keep current on my blog
  2. Go back to school for dental/medical receptionist
  3. Start saving for a house
  4. Loose the baby weight
  5. Complete Project Life 2014

I have tons more but I think 5 is plenty to keep me busy for now!

My first goal is simple just blog once a week and if I happen to blog more that’s great. I find myself trying to reference things that I know if I had just written out on this blog would make things so much easier to recall (this comes into play a lot when trying to do PL or finish my pregnancy album for Jaxon). As for the rest of my goals, well I will talk about them some other time. Right now I have a (almost) 6 month old fighting his morning nap and this mama is going to go cuddle her son to sleep!!

I am determined to enjoy my first birthday as a mommy!!

Talk Soon!!

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