Weekend Wrap-Up

Okay here I go!! My first weekend Wrap-Up post!!

Saturday we went out to lunch with Sean’s dad and Anna (Step-Mom) to the Olive Garden, it was so YUMMY!! I was afraid Jaxon would be troublesome because he recently has decided that he no longer like drinking from a bottle, but he was fantastic. He slept through the entire meal and then woke up just in time to spend a few minutes with his Grandpa. Then of course as soon as we left he got fussy…HAHAHa!! As soon as we got home I took a nice long nap while Sean spent time with Jaxon!

Sean thought he was catching a cold and by Sunday morning it was very obvious that he was indeed sick so our current goal is to keep Jaxon from getting sick and as of 10:50 this morning I think we are okay but who knows. Sunday was beautiful out and so I took Jaxon for a walk to the grocery store while Sean filed our taxes. We will get a total of $100 back between the two of us (whohoo we are rich)… We had a nice dinner of ham and macaroni while watching the hockey game that we actually won!!

Got Jaxon to bed on time and with not much fuss and Sean decided that he was going to sleep on the couch so I had the whole bed to myself!! I thought it was going to be great but I couldn’t sleep without him next to me.

So that’s it our simple and boring weekend but that’s how it was!!


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