Happy Birthday Grandma

Today was Lori’s birthday (Sean’s mom)!! We took her out to Boston’s Pizza for dinner to celebrate. Now I am not meaning to complain but I honestly don’t think I will ever go back there for dinner again (the food was good so it had nothing to do with that). We got there and they sat us at a booth which honestly with a baby is not really that convenient at all not to mention the tables are so flippin high (which is great for Sean) that its impossible to really hold Jaxon correctly. The second problem was that it was so HOT in there that Jaxon got way too over heated which of course made him cranky and me being so aware of others didn’t want him to bother the table behind us with his crying. Only I didn’t really need to worry about that because it was so crazy loud in the restaurant that I could hardly hear what anyone across the table was saying to me. Just not a great experience and like I said wont go back there for dinner again if I can help it.

When we got home from dinner though and got Jaxon nice and calmed down he spent some time talking with his Grandma and I was able to catch a video of it…

I drove Lori home around nine and Jaxon slept basically the whole car ride so when we got back home and it was time for bed he wasn’t really agreeing with us on the subject. I ended up staying up with him till about eleven when he finally agreed to fall asleep and I was able to join him!!


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