Its My First Tuesday Layout Share of Spring!!

Here we go!!

Project 22

My first layout share for you!! I wanted to do this layout because of what it represents to me; our first holiday’s together not only as a couple but as a soon to be family!! I used scraps to complete it and I absolutely love the way it turned out… Here is the process video I also made with it…

And there you have it my first Tuesday Layout Share for spring!!

See you tomorrow!!


Weekend Wrap-Up

Okay here I go!! My first weekend Wrap-Up post!!

Saturday we went out to lunch with Sean’s dad and Anna (Step-Mom) to the Olive Garden, it was so YUMMY!! I was afraid Jaxon would be troublesome because he recently has decided that he no longer like drinking from a bottle, but he was fantastic. He slept through the entire meal and then woke up just in time to spend a few minutes with his Grandpa. Then of course as soon as we left he got fussy…HAHAHa!! As soon as we got home I took a nice long nap while Sean spent time with Jaxon!

Sean thought he was catching a cold and by Sunday morning it was very obvious that he was indeed sick so our current goal is to keep Jaxon from getting sick and as of 10:50 this morning I think we are okay but who knows. Sunday was beautiful out and so I took Jaxon for a walk to the grocery store while Sean filed our taxes. We will get a total of $100 back between the two of us (whohoo we are rich)… We had a nice dinner of ham and macaroni while watching the hockey game that we actually won!!

Got Jaxon to bed on time and with not much fuss and Sean decided that he was going to sleep on the couch so I had the whole bed to myself!! I thought it was going to be great but I couldn’t sleep without him next to me.

So that’s it our simple and boring weekend but that’s how it was!!

Spring Game Plan

Hello everyone, HAPPY SPRING!!!


I know its been a really slow start for my blog this year because I’ve been soaking up my sons first months of life; but I am ready to get back on track and I have a game plan!!

Monday: Weekend Wrap-up- I plan on posting any photos taken from the weekend on Mondays along with a little summery of what we did

Tuesday: Layout Share- Either a new layout I have created within the week or an old layout I just want to share with everyone

Wednesday: About Life- This will be a more serious post about life in some way

Thursday: Project Life Share- I am way behind but I plan on sharing anything PL on this day


And that’s it!! I can’t promise I will have these posted every week but I will try my best!!

It’s Friday

I am so happy to say that I actually accomplished my goal for this week. 5 days of videos done and posted!!

Today went pretty well considering how horrible last night was. I didn’t want to overstimulate Jaxon again so we just spent the whole day on the couch until Sean got home from work. After that we went for a short walk to our local Donair shop to pick up dinner (It was delicious). He was fussy again this evening but it wasn’t as bad as yesterday and we got him to fall asleep by nine so I take it as a win!! Here are my videos for the day:

I also wanted to share the cute pictures I got of Daddy and Jaxon time that happened today… I love the fact that Jaxon lets Sean comfort him almost as much as I can. They share such a special bond and I love capturing it on film!!

Sunny Thursday

It has been amazing weather the last couple of days here!! Makes me wish for summertime to hurry up and arrive.

This morning I put Jaxon up in a sitting position and here is what happened:

Followed by this:

My parents came up for their last visit with Jaxon before they leave for their spring business trip, but before that Jaxon and I went for a really nice long walk…

Then we came back home and waited for Nana & Papa (my parents) to get here!! They showed up around two thirty and they had a good visit with Jaxon for a few hours, bought us pizza for dinner and said goodbye until Easter!

It was a nice day and was happy that they got to see Jaxon before they leave… TTYT!!

Happy Birthday Grandma

Today was Lori’s birthday (Sean’s mom)!! We took her out to Boston’s Pizza for dinner to celebrate. Now I am not meaning to complain but I honestly don’t think I will ever go back there for dinner again (the food was good so it had nothing to do with that). We got there and they sat us at a booth which honestly with a baby is not really that convenient at all not to mention the tables are so flippin high (which is great for Sean) that its impossible to really hold Jaxon correctly. The second problem was that it was so HOT in there that Jaxon got way too over heated which of course made him cranky and me being so aware of others didn’t want him to bother the table behind us with his crying. Only I didn’t really need to worry about that because it was so crazy loud in the restaurant that I could hardly hear what anyone across the table was saying to me. Just not a great experience and like I said wont go back there for dinner again if I can help it.

When we got home from dinner though and got Jaxon nice and calmed down he spent some time talking with his Grandma and I was able to catch a video of it…

I drove Lori home around nine and Jaxon slept basically the whole car ride so when we got back home and it was time for bed he wasn’t really agreeing with us on the subject. I ended up staying up with him till about eleven when he finally agreed to fall asleep and I was able to join him!!

Love Tuesdays!!

Today is my favorite day of the week because it’s the day Sean leaves me the car and I can get out of the house!! I have started attending a mommy meetup group at my local community health center in Cloverdale. It’s fantastic because its not just hanging out with other moms there is also a nurse that is there and we discuss a new topic every week. I am allowed to attend these meetups until Jaxon is 6 months old and then you get a certificate and have to find a new place to go (I am pretty sure they just end up repeating their topics as to why you wouldn’t keep going). This is fine with me because at 6 months I can take Jaxon to mommy and me swimming classes.

After the meetup we came back home and went for a really nice long walk (it was like 14 out at one o’clock so it was perfect temperature). I absolutely love our neighborhood and feel so safe going out so I tend to lengthen my walks every time I go out. Plus Jaxon loves getting fresh air and a little nap in. Anyways I know it doesn’t sound like much but that was how my day went but I do have a cute little video to share with you about Jaxon finding his voice and then just some random pictures that I took as well…