Jaxon’s Birth Story

DSC_0236 - CopyHe is here!!!

Jaxon James Giesbrecht arrived on January 19, 2014 at 4:11 pm weighing 8Ibs 2oz and measuring 20.8in long!!

Now let me tell you my labour story (WARNING this could be TMI)

It was very early Sunday morning when I started having what I thought were Braxton Hicks contractions (I went through probably 6 rounds of being woken up by the cramping and then falling back asleep). During the last two of these episodes I was awake enough to be in discomfort and that’s when I finally looked at a clock (It was about 6:30am) and that’s the time I base the start of my labour on. I’d had BH contractions before and knew if I took a warm bath chances were they would go away so that’s exactly what I did; only they didn’t go away they got a little stronger. They weren’t really painful just very uncomfortable, at this time I still didn’t really think I was in true labour. So for the next hour I switched between walking around and soaking in the tub. My contractions were coming speratically but most were less then ten minutes apart lasting maybe 35 seconds each. I didn’t want to wake Sean because I knew if this was the real thing chances were it was going to be a very long day and I wanted him to get as much sleep as possible. So I messaged my sister and she asked me all the questions and told me to just keep timing them and try kneeling against the couch to see if it helped ease the pain…

At 8:30 I had a nice little surprise of throwing up this gross colored mess… By now I knew this was real and I just remember thinking to myself “Can I really do this” “I wish I hadn’t been in such a rush for him to come”. Throwing up took some energy away from me so I layed down on the couch and tried watching some TV to see if it would help distract me, that’s when Sean woke up and I explained to him today was going to be the day. He looked a little apprehensive and nervous (poor guy) I also let my sister know she should probably get ready to come over (she lives in Victoria so she has to take a ferry in order to get here).

Sean took a shower right away and we called our parents to give them a heads up. I then called the nurses line and the lady said I sounded like I was still far away from needing to come in (this was at nine forty five) she told me to just keep timing them and do a kick count. I layed in bed a attempted to do what was told of me, Sean came in seeing if there was anything he could do but of course there wasn’t. I finally got up again and just felt like we should be heading to the hospital (it was now ten thrity). I attempted to call the nurse back but no one answered so to the hospital we went.

I don’t remember much of the ride there other then I kept my eyes closed the entire time and I had non-stop contractions. Plus it felt like the whole drive was taking forever!! And then I had to walk all the way from the parking garage to the birth center (seriously birth centers should be the first thing you walk into at a hospital, making a lady in labour walk that much is just plain mean!!). I had to stop about three times before we actually got there and when we did the lady at the counter attempted to ask me questions and I couldn’t talk. Thank goodness Sean knows all my personal info! We sat in the waiting room for maybe ten minutes when the nurse called us back. She acted like I was horrible for coming in without calling her back first, so I told her well I did call back but no on answered (seriously do you have to be so rude). She then pretty much said well we will check you out but chances are you will just be turning around and going back home (It is now eleven) The intern doctor checked me out and I was already 4cm dilated and not going anywhere but to a room (so much for you being so smart nurse lady, who by the way looked pissed that I was staying).

It was eleven thirty when we got to our room, by now I am in some serious pain and so ready for anything to help ease it. The labour nurse (not the same as the mean nurse) told me to try laughing gas first and to see if it helped any (Let me tell you it didn’t do a darn thing other then make me super super thirsty). So the next thing was putting an IV in and giving me something stronger like morphine or some such which still didn’t really help much. At this point Sean’s mom showed up which was nice to see another face and she put a cool cloth on my forehead which did make me feel a tiny bit better. That is until I threw up again and I am talking about a huge amount of throw up. I was then placed into the shower because even though I was far enough along for the epidural the doctor was in the er and I had to wait. So I sat in the shower with Sean placing the shower head on my back to help me. I was in pain and all I really remember about this time was keeping my eyes closed so I could focus, everyone else showing up within the time frame I was in the shower and the stupid nurse lady making me stand up every ten minutes (not sure if that is accurate but it felt like it) so she could check on the baby. I was not a fan of the standing up thing, that was by far the hardest part of the whole thing. I could hear everyone talking outside in the room and the one thing that stayed with me was that everyone was shocked that I was being so quiet. Sean says that I moaned a lot but other then that there was not much more coming from me.

After over an hour in the shower I finally got out because they got word that the doctor was out of er and I was first on her list. From what I understand this was around one thirty or so. Now I am not going to lie I was terrified about getting an epidural, and the worst part is that there is so much prep work before the doctor even starts putting that huge needle in your back so you just get to sit there is horrid anticipation. The doctor told me to sit as still as possible so otherwise she could poke me in the wrong spot. Now I am already afraid of needles but telling me that really freaked me out. So I literally didn’t move a muscle the whole time (and that was crazy hard because I had to sit through about three contractions while the whole process took place). Now here is the truth that will make all of you happy to hear if you haven’t had a baby yet, getting the epidural didn’t really hurt!! Once all was said and done the doctor told me I was one of the best patients she has ever had, which of course was such a nice thing to hear when I was feeling like hell.

After ten minutes I was feeling nice a numb and nothing was going to bother me for a few minutes. I remember different family members asking me questions and I just kept saying I don’t care I am feeling good. We all just kind of hung out for an hour or so when the doctor came back in to check on me and that’s when she decided that she would break my water to maybe help things move along a little faster (now note that I just said the word a little faster). She stuck that funny hook thing in me and broke my water which I didn’t feel at all other then the fact that her hand was down there. Then she told me to just relax and she would check on me in a few hours. Now this has to have been around three pm and within fifteen minutes I started feeling some pressure down in my bum. The nurse didn’t really believe me but it kept getting stronger so she finally checked to see if I had progressed any. She didn’t say anything other then she needed to go get another nurse just to double check because she wasn’t so good with checking progress (seriously lady why did you not get her in the first place then). The new nurse came in and I was then informed that I was fully dilated and only had a little more effacement on my right side to go. So she had me lay on my right side and said it would probably take a half hour or so for it to be gone and then maybe we could start practice pushing. Well five minutes later I started having this great urge to push.

The doctor was called in and sure enough I was good to go and attempt to start my “practice pushing”. So I did as asked and pushed like I was suppose to with my eyes closed tight to get Jaxon pushed down enough to start the “real pushing”. I remember hearing the doctor say she would watch a couple pushes and then come back once we were ready for the “real pushing”. Well let me just brag for a moment that after my three or four practice pushing the real pushing was ready to get underway and the doctor never left the room. Now the actual delivery of Jaxon is mostly a blur with the exception of me remembering having my eyes closed the whole time and not being strong enough to hold up my own legs so Sean and his mom were on either side of me helping me keep my legs up high. At one point I was told to stop pushing and then do tiny little pushes and let me tell you that part burned like hell (of course that’s because his head was coming out I later learned)!! Then there was just one more big push and that was it Jaxon James Giesbrecht had entered into the world and I finally opened my eyes to see him. He was born at 4:11 pm and he¬†weighed in at 8 pounds 2 ounces and was 20.8 inches!!

The first thing I noticed was that the umbilical cord was by his neck. They let me hold him for a moment and then took him away from me to measure and weigh him in or so I thought. Here’s what actually happened… During his delivery the cord was around his neck and those little pushes were so that the doctor could get her finger in between the cord and his neck so he wasn’t strangled. Once he was delivered they took him away because they had to do a full exam to make sure everything was alright with him. They even shoved some tube thing down his throat!! Thank goodness the doctor taking care of Jaxon was smart and blocked all these happenings from me with his back. During all this Sean was by my side holding my hand and we were just crying in joy about the fact that he was finally here!! They did let him “cut the cord” once Jaxon had been checked out and let me reassure anyone reading this he was perfectly healthy so the cord around his neck wasn’t as scary as it sound. While Sean got to do that I just got to lay in the bed and let the doctor give me a couple stitches from the small tear I had.

The whole birthing experience was not what I was expecting. I had it in my head that I would be in labour for hours and hours but instead it was less then 12. I thought it would be the most painful thing I ever experienced but honestly having kidney stones hurt way more (though getting the stitches was very painful). I thought I would scream like you see happen in the movies but I was told I hardly made a sound with the exception of a few moans here and there. And of course even the small amount of pain I did go through was so so worth it because I now have the most perfect little human in my life!!

And now here’s my little secret, I already miss being pregnant so don’t be too surprised if baby #2 is on its way within the next year or two!!


One Month Ago

One month ago my whole life changed!!
This tiny little human was brought into this world surrounded by so much love.
He brought automatic tears of joy not only into my eyes but also his father’s.
One month ago I went through major pain so that
counting his fingers and toes could be pleasing to me.
One month ago my whole life changed!!
This amazing eight pound miracle has shown me what love truly means,