Checking In

Hey everyone!!

No baby yet (but slight contractions have started on and off since around dinnertime last night). I am sorry I haven’t posted anything this week but I just can’t seem to make myself sit down and actually write out a post that is actually worth reading LOL!!

I have been doing some scrapbooking layouts this week as well as making sure everything is checked off and ready to go for when Jaxon actually decides to come. On Tuesday we got our first order of his cloth diapers and I just had so much fun just folding them and placing them in their home. Every little thing we do just makes everything so much more real. Sean also put up the floating shelves above where his changing table will be. The only thing we are missing (and its just because I need to drive down to the states and get them from my parents) is the actual changing table/dresser, the padding for the bassinet and a few decorations that I won’t be doing until after he is born (because the thought of going to Michael s right now just doesn’t sound fun).

I hope everyone is having a great week and I am sure the next post will be all about baby Jaxon!!


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