2014 Scrappy Resolutions (50 Projects/Will Craft For Supplies)

I realize that I am due in about a week and a half and my life is about to be flipped upside down… And honestly I can’t wait for my little man to get here!!! However I still plan on doing some major scrapbooking this year (considering I only did about three or four months worth last year I think I stand a chance to top that)! I have several projects in the back of my mind and I can’t wait to get started on them. The only problem is that I think I need to plan out my scrappy goals in advance in order to actually succeed. So here I go… **Side note if you do better with watching a video about these sort of things scroll to the bottom and I have my YouTube video that basically goes through the same thing…

I love watching YouTube videos about scrapbooking because they help me learn about things I would otherwise be completely oblivious about. That’s what happened back in late November when I heard someone talking about this facebook group called Will Craft For Supplies!! I thought this is perfect, I can control my spending plus probably get more accomplished. Once I had joined that group I stumbled upon another group called 50 Projects and that’s when I knew I had found my perfect duo!!

What is Will Craft for Supplies and 50 Projects? They are both facebook groups that are meant to help you get crafty things accomplished before you go out and buy things. WCFS has a list of crafty things we all tend to make with a dollar value given to each (for example a layout is worth $5). This makes it so when you are ready to go out and shop you can only spend what you have earned from creating projects (Did I mention these groups are genius!!) 50 Projects doesn’t put a dollar value on your projects but instead is about creating 50 crafty projects before you are allowed to go out and shop (making that quick trip to Michael’s every week vanish). The best part about both groups is that they are filled with other women trying to accomplish the same things you are and give you TONS of support and encouragement along the way (Its like AA for scrapbookers)

What is my goals with using these groups? Well simply its to help me keep track of my scrapbooking spending and keep me from blowing my precious allowance (did I mention I am due with my first child in a about a week, yes I have a scrapbook allowance)

How Will I put these groups to use? The goal here is to create 50 projects before I am allowed to go out and buy anything & then Will Craft For Supplies tells me how much I am allowed to spend. (Seriously could it be any easier!?!)

$ Amounts for Projects (some of these are my own and not included in WCFS)

  • Layout-$5
  • Project Life Page-$2 (For me this means a 2 page spread)
  • Cleaning off Desk-$.50
  • Ordering Pictures-$1
  • Mini Album-$15
  • Process Video-$.50
  • Using 2+ Year Old Supplies-$.50
  • Creating a Flip Out-$2
  • Making a Pocket-$.50
  • Using Up All of a Supply-$.50

Where am I at? As of this moment I have created 8 Projects (December Daily with flip outs and minis, 3 Layouts and 5 Process Videos) bringing in a total of $44.50!! Not to shabby for it only being the 10th and I am not even 10 Projects in (I don’t count Process Video’s as a project on their own).

Here is my YouTube Video that goes over all of this as well!!

Have a great weekend everyone!!


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