Baby Shower Weekend

Happy Monday Everyone!!!

Hope your transitioning back into normal life after the crazy holiday rush well!! I just wanted to do a quick post share about my two baby showers this weekend. (WARNING this is going to be very photo heavy)!!

On Saturday I got to pick up my sister from the ferry and we drove down to my Aunt’s house in the states (I live across the border in Canada if you didn’t already know that) where we had a very nice and small family baby shower. When I say small I mean small there was just my Aunt, Grandma, Mom, Sister & Niece there, but it was still fun and it was really nice to be able to just sit and visit with everyone. Afterwards my mom took Val, Keira & I out for dinner at my favorite Italian restaurant!!

Then on Sunday, Sean’s family hosted another baby shower for me!! To be honest this one was WAY more fun!! There were more ladies there and it was just a complete different vibe. Anna (Sean’s step-mom) hosted the party and her house and she did an AMAZING job!! She decorated and made all kinds of food and bought a cake!! My mom, other Grandma (mom’s mom), Val & Keira all got to meet most of the ladies in Sean’s family!! I was most excited about the fact that his mom was going to get to meet my mom!! I was spoiled rotten with presents (my two favorites being my mom making a baby blanket for Jaxon that is exactly like the one I had when I was little & a letter my sister wrote to me about sisterly advice) and it was a great time!!

So there you have it my whole weekend in pictures… Just a little side note today my goal is to finish my December Daily foundation pages which means tomorrow’s post will be all about what it looks like without the pictures (they are in the mail)!! I have also started my resolution about picking 5 things and getting them done or put away!!

Have a great day everyone!!


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