Maternity Picture Share

Happy Saturday Everyone!!

0105I just realized I hadn’t shared my maternity session with you (oops pregnancy brain strikes again). At first Sean and I were going to hire someone for the photography but after doing some research decided that it would be in our best interest to invest the money we would be using on a photographer towards a new DSLR!! So on cyber Monday I got online and purchased this very pretty Nikon D3200 for a pretty good steal of less then $500. When the time came to do our actual photo shoot my parents met us at my Grandma’s house. Someone was looking down upon us that day because it had been grey and rainy all morning, but when we went to take the pictures the sun came out!! My dad was the one taking the actual pictures and my mom kind of placed us according to some pictures I had found on Pinterest… Here is the final results (I used some of my very limited editing skills on every picture)…

They are obviously not taken by a professional but I still absolutely LOVE them!!! Plus as an extra bonus we now have a fancy new camera to take lots of pictures of Jaxon when he is born. Definitely worth not spending the money on a photographer for me!!

Anyways I am off to my first baby shower of the weekend (will have a post probably tomorrow about it)!! Hope everyone has a great Saturday!!


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