2014 Scrappy Resolutions (Project Life 2014)

I realize that I am due in three weeks and my life is about to be flipped upside down… And honestly I can’t wait for my little man to get here!!! However I still plan on doing some major scrapbooking this year (considering I only did about three or four months worth last year I think I stand a chance to top that)! I have several projects in the back of my mind and I can’t wait to get started on them. The only problem is that I think I need to plan out my scrappy goals in advance in order to actually succeed. So here I go… **Side note if you do better with watching a video about these sort of things scroll to the bottom and I have my YouTube video that basically goes through the same thing…

Project Life 2014Title Page 1.4I have been working very hard at getting as many base cards completed as possible for every week and I’m happy to report that I basically have 2/3 of this year all ready to go!! The only things missing are weeks 2-6 (Not knowing when baby Jaxon will arrive) and then maybe 8-15 weeks worth during the later part of the year. This however doesn’t mean automatic success, I still have to take pictures and actually finish up every week with embellishments and such.

How do I plan to stay on top of this? By printing my pictures once a month (that means all pictures for January will be ordered through Shutterfly on Feb 1st) and then spending the first Sunday of the next month doing nothing but project life!!

How do I plan to stay organized? With the help of four things…

  1. I created a special folder on my computer called PL 2014 (I know so original) and whenever I take a picture that can be used for PL I put a copy into that folder. This helps me to have all my pictures in one spot when the time comes to edit & order them, but it also helps cut down my options because I won’t have to sort through every picture I’ve taken!!
  2. DSC01823My day planner this year came with a page behind each monthly calender with exactly 7 lines for each week of that corresponding month. When I saw this the light bulb in my brain went off!! These spaces will work perfectly to write my one sentence recap of each day. This will make writing my weekly recap card easy and painless…
  3. I have a simple note card app on my phone that I can separate notes into categories with colour. I plan on using this to write down what is happening during the day in more detail. This way when I get behind on PL my notes will help jog my memory for my journaling cards
  4. DSC01821When I first started planning for PL I made a sketch for every week of this year. I wrote down what base cards I put where along with whatever product line I used for that week. My goal with these sketches now via to write in what picture or journaling will go in what slot. This will make it super easy for me to know where I want everything to go on that 1st Sunday every month

What products will I be using? I own the Dear Lizzy 5th & Frolic core kit along with Maggie Holmes Flea Market mini kit. After having gone through and done most of my album base cards I found that the core kit (though super cute) wasn’t really worth the money for me. From now on I will only purchase the mini kits, which for me give me just the variety I am looking for without too many extra cards. I also created my own cards with just regular 12×12 collections (I will highlight these when they are used in that weekly post). As for the other supplies here’s my listProject-Life-SAMPLING-5thFrolic

  • Becky Higgins 12×12 yellow strip D-ring binder (from Michaels) which I believe said from Kraft collection
  • Corner rounder (an absolute must if you like all your cards and pictures looking the same)
  • A few PL kits from citrus twist, scraptastic, and gossamer blue (I enjoyed the few kits I tested out but can’t decide if I find them worth the money)
  • Design A & D page protectors from Becky Higgins
  • Design 5 & 6 page protectors from simple stories

What you can expect to see in every weekly layout– The last thing I wanted to share with you was the four things I plan to keep consistent throughout each week

  1. Weekly Number Card- just like it sounds this card is meant to let you know what week your looking at and will have the dates on it as well. When you look at my layout chances are this card will always appear in the top left hand corner unless the page protector did not allow for this.
  2. Week 1.4Weekly Recap Card- Every week I will have a card (on the bottom right hand corner of every weekly layout) that summarizes what happened that week (as to why I love my new calender). This just lets people see what life was like without me having to do a ton of journaling if I don’t want to.
  3. Weather Card- Every week I will have a 3×4 card that shows what the weather was like, super simple but I love looking back on things like that for some reason (Think I might have a slight obsession with the weather)
  4. Clothes Card- Lastly I plan on having a 3×4 card that showcases my style every week. I just know in a few years my style will probably change and so having the ability to look back on what I loved now is so fun to me!!

So there you have it!! My first scrappy resolution for 2014 and the steps I plan to take to make it a success!! 

Hope everyone has a lovely Friday and I will see you tomorrow!!

Here is my corresponding YouTube video for this post: 


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