The Time Has Come…

Happy New Year’s Everyone!!!

For me 2013 was one of the best years I’ve ever had… Wanna know why!?!

  • Met the most amazing man
  • Fell in love with him
  • We became pregnant (no not planned but those are sometimes the best miracles)
  • Moved to Canada
  • Found out we were having a boy
  • Started scrapbooking again
  • Named our little guy the most perfect name for our little soon to be family
  • Spent tons of time with both my family and Sean’s

Now that it’s officially 2014 that time has come… you know what I’m talking about, that time when everyone sets unrealistic goals for themselves… follows them for maybe half of January, then are sadly abandoned. I have personally done this for the last four years in a row. This year however it’s going to be didn’t!!
I’m setting obtainable goals that will be broken down into groups (family, work, scrapbooking, ect.) Obviously with my love of scrapbook those goals are going to be long and so I am choosing to do them on a YouTube video series as well as a separate post that should appear in the very near future!!
Instead this post is going to be about my life resolutions for 2014

  1. Move closer to Sean’s work- I swear my initial intentions of making Sean move to Surrey were logical… It was half the distance to both our jobs, and we were on the right side of the PortMann to see our families without having to pay to cross every time! Here’s the flaw in my thinking… I only worked for like two months after I moved to Canada and Sean now crosses that stupid expensive bridge daily (and at $3 a crossing that adds up)! So my resolution is that by Christmas this year we will be living in a townhouse either close enough to the Skytrain for me to drop Sean off everyday or back into Burnaby!! There are two parts to this resolution though. We are not just trying to save money from crossing the bridge every day, by the start of next year we will have outgrown our little basement suit with a on-the-go one year old and plans on having more children in the somewhat near future it’s best to find a townhouse now that we can move into and stay in until we buy a place of our own (and preferably one that will let us have a dog!!)
  2. Find a great part-time job- As much as I would love to spend a whole year with Jaxon and not have to work, the reality is that this is just not going to be possible. I wasn’t able to get a job up here right away like we thought I would and so Sean has been supporting us with his single income since November. This works fine with it just being the two of us but adding our new addition (who could come any day now BTW) to our family, me not working is just not possible. Resolution #2 is to get a part-time job (most likely retail) that will let me work four hour shifts and maybe a total of 20-30 hours a week. The best deal for us would be if I could find a job that lets me start at 5pm and be off at 9pm. This would make it so that we wouldn’t need daycare or any help at all really considering Sean is home by four everyday and if I get a job just right down the street I would make it in time without a problem. My only concern with working retail is somehow missing out on one of Jaxon’s first holiday’s and I REFUSE to miss any of the big things just for a job.
  3. Join Weight Watchers- I am not worried about loosing all my baby weight as soon as Jaxon comes out, this is not what this resolution is about at all. It is just meant to help keep me eating healthy like I have had to do since getting gestational diabetes along with getting as active as possible. With me having to watch what I eat I have noticed that this has also benefited Sean and the loss of a few pounds for himself as well. Resolution #3 is really just to keep doing what were doing plus adding taking daily walks with Jaxon when possible (what else are we going to use our stroller for!?!)
  4. Keeping Organized- I am not a dirty person by any means but our home could use a little once over. This resolution is going to be simple, pick up 5 things every day and put them back where they belong!! I realize life will be CRAZY HECTIC with a newborn but between Sean and I finding 5 things a day will not be a problem.
  5. Take Video/Pictures- I know this sounds scrapbook related but it’s not meant to. Growing up my parents filmed me during Christmas and a few everyday moments on and off for the first seven years of my life or so. These videos are priceless to me and I use to love watching them over and over again. I want Jaxon to be able to experience what life was like for him when he was too little to remember. The problem is that I am great at bringing the camera with me to places but actually pulling it out and using it is a whole other story. My 5th and final resolution for this year is to make sure I record what happens this year from the big stuff to the small!!

There you have it, my 2014 resolutions!! I promise to keep you updated on how I am doing with these and if I find any tricks to helping me keep them along the way.

Happy 2014 Everyone, I will talk to you tomorrow!!


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