Happy New Year

Hey everyone!!b60180235eda2dec8b7262d9b6d1cc47

I meant to post this earlier today but I have spent most of my day laying in bed trying to keep the pain I have been feeling at bay (This little guy is making sure I know he is ready to come out soon). Sean and I had a great New Years Eve with my family and I thought I would just do a quick share of the photos from last night…

My sister came down from Victoria to my parents house (we have the same dad and different mom’s) with Keira and the boys to help ring in the new year with them and so Sean and I of course went down as well to enjoy the celebration. My mom made lasagna and enchiladas along with some very yummy garlic bread!! We had red velvet ice-cream for dessert and spent the whole night playing games until ten minutes before midnight. We then watched fireworks on TV being shot off from the Spaceneedle. It was a great night and I am happy that I was able to even stay up long enough to enjoy it!!

I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday season and I will be back tomorrow with my first New Years Resolution post!!


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