Checking In

Hey everyone!!

No baby yet (but slight contractions have started on and off since around dinnertime last night). I am sorry I haven’t posted anything this week but I just can’t seem to make myself sit down and actually write out a post that is actually worth reading LOL!!

I have been doing some scrapbooking layouts this week as well as making sure everything is checked off and ready to go for when Jaxon actually decides to come. On Tuesday we got our first order of his cloth diapers and I just had so much fun just folding them and placing them in their home. Every little thing we do just makes everything so much more real. Sean also put up the floating shelves above where his changing table will be. The only thing we are missing (and its just because I need to drive down to the states and get them from my parents) is the actual changing table/dresser, the padding for the bassinet and a few decorations that I won’t be doing until after he is born (because the thought of going to Michael s right now just doesn’t sound fun).

I hope everyone is having a great week and I am sure the next post will be all about baby Jaxon!!


Life in 2014 (Weeks 1 & 2)

Happy Saturday!!75f83e796fd84dbbbd32d70ee960589b (1)

I just thought it would be fun to do a little post about what has been going on in my little world!! The pictures will be mostly the ones I want to use for Project Life but this isn’t a scrapbooking post (I do try to keep it even for everyone).

Week 1-

  • Jan 1- After having stayed up till midnight on New Years (and then driving home from my parents), I woke up on the 1st feeling like I could just die!! I attempted to get out of bed and spend some time with Sean but sitting on the couch just wasn’t going to happen. So instead I spent my entire day laying in bed watching YouTube Videos!!
  • Jan 2- Not much happened on the 2nd other then going to my Dr apt and finding out that Jaxon was head down and I most likely still had about two weeks before he would make his grand appearance into the world. I also had to go to Surrey Memorial so that I could pre-register at the birthing clinic there. I can now officially say if Jaxon is ready to come out we have a place to go!
  • Jan 3- I went down to the states on the 3rd so that my mom and I could go into Bellingham and finally pick up the crib for Jaxon!! We also went out for lunch at Boston’s and I had a super yummy mini pizza and salad!! I was really worried that the border was going to make me pay duty on the crib but when I got there I lucked out and had the one nice lady who just asked what I had then told me to have a good day!!
  • Jan 4- The 4th was baby shower day!! I woke up and got ready to pick up Val & Keira from the ferry and then we went straight down to the states and to my Aunts house!! It was just family that was able to come (its a long story that involves me crying my eyes out right when Sean woke up) but I still had a nice time!! Afterwards my mom took Val & I out for dinner at Syros (The best Greek/Italian restaurant in the whole wide world) and the three of us had a nice visit.

Week 2-

  • Jan 5- This may have been my favorite day of the entire week!! It was baby shower #2 hosted by Sean’s side of the family (Anna)!! We played a few simple games and ate tons of yummy food!! My favorite gift was a note my sister had written me and the baby blanket my mom made (I knew she was going to make it because I choose the fabric but hadn’t realized she had already done it)!! I then drove Val & Keira back to the ferry and made it home just in time to enjoy dinner with Sean!
  • Jan 6- Monday’s are pretty low key for me and this Monday was no exception. Sean and I did however order the cloth diaper service so we now have one more thing checked off our to-do list!
  • Jan 7- Another low key day but when Sean got home we did go to Babies-R-Us and spent our gift card we got from his dad for Christmas! All the little things you need was what we pretty much bought and it was fun letting Sean pick some things out like the pacifier!!
  • Jan 8- I had another Dr apt on the 8th but my stupid doctor didn’t even check me. All he did was check my blood pressure and Jaxon’s heart rate (154) then proceeded to tell me that he was “Healthy Big” What the hell does that mean!?! Am I about to have a 10 pound baby or did he just mean everything is right on track (Seriously Dr’s need to choose their words better)! Afterwards I drove down to the States to meet up with Terra and we went out to dinner at “Jake’s” (Super yummy western style restaurant with great burgers and sweet potato fries). It was so good to catch up with her because it had been since October since I had seen her!!
  • Jan 9- Another easy going day for me though I had gotten lots of scrapbooking done so that always makes me feel productive. I also moved Jaxon’s bassinet into our room.
  • Jan 10- The night of the 9th I could not sleep for anything. I was waking up every 1 1/2 needing to go to the washroom and being in TONS of pain. It made for a very LONG night and by the time the morning came all I wanted to do was curl up and die! I did manage to get out of bed around nine or so and wrote a blog post and worked on some other scrappy things. We had a very simple dinner and then Sean & I went to the grocery store so that I could get all the meals we needed for the weekend. The evening went better and I wasn’t in as much pain plus the Vancouver finally won a hockey game so that always puts this family in a good mood. Sean and I cuddled on the couch a little and I was in bed by ten!
  • Jan 11- Don’t have much to say to you about today because it is still going on (LOL). The Seahawks play at one and I can’t wait to see how they do. Sean is watching his soccer (he does this every Saturday morning) and I am just browsing the internet looking up scrapbooking ideas. We are going to have spaghetti for dinner and I can hardly wait!!

I hope everyone is having a great weekend and I will probably be back early next week (As long as I haven’t gone into labour yet)

2014 Scrappy Resolutions (50 Projects/Will Craft For Supplies)

I realize that I am due in about a week and a half and my life is about to be flipped upside down… And honestly I can’t wait for my little man to get here!!! However I still plan on doing some major scrapbooking this year (considering I only did about three or four months worth last year I think I stand a chance to top that)! I have several projects in the back of my mind and I can’t wait to get started on them. The only problem is that I think I need to plan out my scrappy goals in advance in order to actually succeed. So here I go… **Side note if you do better with watching a video about these sort of things scroll to the bottom and I have my YouTube video that basically goes through the same thing…

I love watching YouTube videos about scrapbooking because they help me learn about things I would otherwise be completely oblivious about. That’s what happened back in late November when I heard someone talking about this facebook group called Will Craft For Supplies!! I thought this is perfect, I can control my spending plus probably get more accomplished. Once I had joined that group I stumbled upon another group called 50 Projects and that’s when I knew I had found my perfect duo!!

What is Will Craft for Supplies and 50 Projects? They are both facebook groups that are meant to help you get crafty things accomplished before you go out and buy things. WCFS has a list of crafty things we all tend to make with a dollar value given to each (for example a layout is worth $5). This makes it so when you are ready to go out and shop you can only spend what you have earned from creating projects (Did I mention these groups are genius!!) 50 Projects doesn’t put a dollar value on your projects but instead is about creating 50 crafty projects before you are allowed to go out and shop (making that quick trip to Michael’s every week vanish). The best part about both groups is that they are filled with other women trying to accomplish the same things you are and give you TONS of support and encouragement along the way (Its like AA for scrapbookers)

What is my goals with using these groups? Well simply its to help me keep track of my scrapbooking spending and keep me from blowing my precious allowance (did I mention I am due with my first child in a about a week, yes I have a scrapbook allowance)

How Will I put these groups to use? The goal here is to create 50 projects before I am allowed to go out and buy anything & then Will Craft For Supplies tells me how much I am allowed to spend. (Seriously could it be any easier!?!)

$ Amounts for Projects (some of these are my own and not included in WCFS)

  • Layout-$5
  • Project Life Page-$2 (For me this means a 2 page spread)
  • Cleaning off Desk-$.50
  • Ordering Pictures-$1
  • Mini Album-$15
  • Process Video-$.50
  • Using 2+ Year Old Supplies-$.50
  • Creating a Flip Out-$2
  • Making a Pocket-$.50
  • Using Up All of a Supply-$.50

Where am I at? As of this moment I have created 8 Projects (December Daily with flip outs and minis, 3 Layouts and 5 Process Videos) bringing in a total of $44.50!! Not to shabby for it only being the 10th and I am not even 10 Projects in (I don’t count Process Video’s as a project on their own).

Here is my YouTube Video that goes over all of this as well!!

Have a great weekend everyone!!

I Am Still Here

Hey everyone

Just a little note to let you know I am still very much here I just haven’t had much energy (Jaxon is due the 21st) and my last priority at the moment seems to be updating my blog. So I am very sorry about that but I promise to have at least one blog post up by the end of this week (that means Sunday). Hope everyone is enjoy their second week of the new year and I will see you soon!!

Baby Shower Weekend

Happy Monday Everyone!!!

Hope your transitioning back into normal life after the crazy holiday rush well!! I just wanted to do a quick post share about my two baby showers this weekend. (WARNING this is going to be very photo heavy)!!

On Saturday I got to pick up my sister from the ferry and we drove down to my Aunt’s house in the states (I live across the border in Canada if you didn’t already know that) where we had a very nice and small family baby shower. When I say small I mean small there was just my Aunt, Grandma, Mom, Sister & Niece there, but it was still fun and it was really nice to be able to just sit and visit with everyone. Afterwards my mom took Val, Keira & I out for dinner at my favorite Italian restaurant!!

Then on Sunday, Sean’s family hosted another baby shower for me!! To be honest this one was WAY more fun!! There were more ladies there and it was just a complete different vibe. Anna (Sean’s step-mom) hosted the party and her house and she did an AMAZING job!! She decorated and made all kinds of food and bought a cake!! My mom, other Grandma (mom’s mom), Val & Keira all got to meet most of the ladies in Sean’s family!! I was most excited about the fact that his mom was going to get to meet my mom!! I was spoiled rotten with presents (my two favorites being my mom making a baby blanket for Jaxon that is exactly like the one I had when I was little & a letter my sister wrote to me about sisterly advice) and it was a great time!!

So there you have it my whole weekend in pictures… Just a little side note today my goal is to finish my December Daily foundation pages which means tomorrow’s post will be all about what it looks like without the pictures (they are in the mail)!! I have also started my resolution about picking 5 things and getting them done or put away!!

Have a great day everyone!!

Maternity Picture Share

Happy Saturday Everyone!!

0105I just realized I hadn’t shared my maternity session with you (oops pregnancy brain strikes again). At first Sean and I were going to hire someone for the photography but after doing some research decided that it would be in our best interest to invest the money we would be using on a photographer towards a new DSLR!! So on cyber Monday I got online and purchased this very pretty Nikon D3200 for a pretty good steal of less then $500. When the time came to do our actual photo shoot my parents met us at my Grandma’s house. Someone was looking down upon us that day because it had been grey and rainy all morning, but when we went to take the pictures the sun came out!! My dad was the one taking the actual pictures and my mom kind of placed us according to some pictures I had found on Pinterest… Here is the final results (I used some of my very limited editing skills on every picture)…

They are obviously not taken by a professional but I still absolutely LOVE them!!! Plus as an extra bonus we now have a fancy new camera to take lots of pictures of Jaxon when he is born. Definitely worth not spending the money on a photographer for me!!

Anyways I am off to my first baby shower of the weekend (will have a post probably tomorrow about it)!! Hope everyone has a great Saturday!!

2014 Scrappy Resolutions (Project Life 2014)

I realize that I am due in three weeks and my life is about to be flipped upside down… And honestly I can’t wait for my little man to get here!!! However I still plan on doing some major scrapbooking this year (considering I only did about three or four months worth last year I think I stand a chance to top that)! I have several projects in the back of my mind and I can’t wait to get started on them. The only problem is that I think I need to plan out my scrappy goals in advance in order to actually succeed. So here I go… **Side note if you do better with watching a video about these sort of things scroll to the bottom and I have my YouTube video that basically goes through the same thing…

Project Life 2014Title Page 1.4I have been working very hard at getting as many base cards completed as possible for every week and I’m happy to report that I basically have 2/3 of this year all ready to go!! The only things missing are weeks 2-6 (Not knowing when baby Jaxon will arrive) and then maybe 8-15 weeks worth during the later part of the year. This however doesn’t mean automatic success, I still have to take pictures and actually finish up every week with embellishments and such.

How do I plan to stay on top of this? By printing my pictures once a month (that means all pictures for January will be ordered through Shutterfly on Feb 1st) and then spending the first Sunday of the next month doing nothing but project life!!

How do I plan to stay organized? With the help of four things…

  1. I created a special folder on my computer called PL 2014 (I know so original) and whenever I take a picture that can be used for PL I put a copy into that folder. This helps me to have all my pictures in one spot when the time comes to edit & order them, but it also helps cut down my options because I won’t have to sort through every picture I’ve taken!!
  2. DSC01823My day planner this year came with a page behind each monthly calender with exactly 7 lines for each week of that corresponding month. When I saw this the light bulb in my brain went off!! These spaces will work perfectly to write my one sentence recap of each day. This will make writing my weekly recap card easy and painless…
  3. I have a simple note card app on my phone that I can separate notes into categories with colour. I plan on using this to write down what is happening during the day in more detail. This way when I get behind on PL my notes will help jog my memory for my journaling cards
  4. DSC01821When I first started planning for PL I made a sketch for every week of this year. I wrote down what base cards I put where along with whatever product line I used for that week. My goal with these sketches now via to write in what picture or journaling will go in what slot. This will make it super easy for me to know where I want everything to go on that 1st Sunday every month

What products will I be using? I own the Dear Lizzy 5th & Frolic core kit along with Maggie Holmes Flea Market mini kit. After having gone through and done most of my album base cards I found that the core kit (though super cute) wasn’t really worth the money for me. From now on I will only purchase the mini kits, which for me give me just the variety I am looking for without too many extra cards. I also created my own cards with just regular 12×12 collections (I will highlight these when they are used in that weekly post). As for the other supplies here’s my listProject-Life-SAMPLING-5thFrolic

  • Becky Higgins 12×12 yellow strip D-ring binder (from Michaels) which I believe said from Kraft collection
  • Corner rounder (an absolute must if you like all your cards and pictures looking the same)
  • A few PL kits from citrus twist, scraptastic, and gossamer blue (I enjoyed the few kits I tested out but can’t decide if I find them worth the money)
  • Design A & D page protectors from Becky Higgins
  • Design 5 & 6 page protectors from simple stories

What you can expect to see in every weekly layout– The last thing I wanted to share with you was the four things I plan to keep consistent throughout each week

  1. Weekly Number Card- just like it sounds this card is meant to let you know what week your looking at and will have the dates on it as well. When you look at my layout chances are this card will always appear in the top left hand corner unless the page protector did not allow for this.
  2. Week 1.4Weekly Recap Card- Every week I will have a card (on the bottom right hand corner of every weekly layout) that summarizes what happened that week (as to why I love my new calender). This just lets people see what life was like without me having to do a ton of journaling if I don’t want to.
  3. Weather Card- Every week I will have a 3×4 card that shows what the weather was like, super simple but I love looking back on things like that for some reason (Think I might have a slight obsession with the weather)
  4. Clothes Card- Lastly I plan on having a 3×4 card that showcases my style every week. I just know in a few years my style will probably change and so having the ability to look back on what I loved now is so fun to me!!

So there you have it!! My first scrappy resolution for 2014 and the steps I plan to take to make it a success!! 

Hope everyone has a lovely Friday and I will see you tomorrow!!

Here is my corresponding YouTube video for this post: