So it is the 5th of December already and all I can say is these next 7 weeks need to FLY by!!! On Monday I all of a sudden started feeling a little pressure down in my pelvic area; didn’t think too much about it because it normally goes away within a few minutes. Well not this time!!! I had a constant and painful I might add pressure that got worse on Tuesday and lasted until just this morning around eight. SERIOUSLY!?! I had a doctors appointment today and asked about it just to make sure it was normal and lucky me it is… I was secretly hoping it meant I would be given something to numb the pain a little. So for the next 7 weeks I get to expect these pressure pains to come and go and I just get to deal with the pain. This of course wouldn’t be all bad if I was able to take a nice bath in the evenings to help ease away some of the pain but our lovely neighbors are now home everyday and they like to run a lot of water so by the time I am ready for a bath there is no hot water ready for me to enjoy.

Other then that everything has been going really well!! Sean and I have been doing some fun Christmas type things and I am even creating a December Daily of this year to show a comparison of what life was like before baby. I would go on more about that but like I promised I will only talk scrapbooking on Tuesday’s and I missed this week so I will have to wait till next week to share.

Hope everyone is doing well, sorry I haven’t posted much lately I will try and get back into it. Though we all know as soon as this little guy comes the chances of me being on top of blogging are probably going to be thrown out the window. LOL!!


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