Scrappy Share Tuesday Episode 2

Good Morning Everyone!!

I wanted to take a moment to laugh at myself before I got into the point of this post. So yesterday I wrote about looking at the positives in my pregnancy which you can read here. One of the things I mentioned was that I haven’t gotten any headaches in over a month. Well sure enough last night guess what happened!?! Yep that’s right I got a headache that lasted all night and I even woke up with it this morning (I jinxed myself by writing about it darn it). Anyways it’s almost gone now but I found it funny that it would happen that way.

There is also still some snow on the ground here this morning. I think it might have snowed a little last night but not enough to maker things too bad. Sean sent me a text saying it was a little sloppy in areas but for the most part the roads were clear, which makes both of us happy!! There is still some snow in the forecast for today but then it will switch back to normal lower mainland rain.

Now on to the actual point of this post!! It is already December 10th and I am in scrapbooking overload. I am currently doing four separate “projects” that I am hoping to have complete within the next month and a half (yes I know that’s a challenge but the goal is to get as much done before baby comes as possible).

I have already talked about working on my pregnancy album but I finally have something to share with you!!! I did a video about the first trimester on YouTube and I am loving the way it has turned out. This album is so different from my normal layouts because the book was pre-planned in the sense that the pp and inserts were already placed for me. It’s a lot like a smash book only I am pretty sure it was made by a different company.

The second thing I am doing is what I talked about with you during my last scrappy share, “Fix My Old Layouts”. I have done two more layouts in that category to share with everyone as well. My main goal with this is to get as many completed as possible before baby comes, knowing that afterwards I will want to focus on everything doing with him!! Along with that I am also trying to get a few layouts completed from recent photo’s that I have just never had the chance to work on before… Here is a process video for a layout about Sean and then my episode 6 video about my 22nd birthday!!#HasMyHeart

22nd B-day After

Plus of course the examples of all my other layouts I have finished in the past two weeks… You can always go to my YouTube channel to see the videos for them here.

Girls Night Out After The Hair Cut AfterAnd finally the last thing I want to share with everyone today is my progress on my December Daily. Only now that I am looking at this post and seeing how amazing LONG it already is I think maybe I might just wait and do a separate post on that tomorrow!!

Just looked out my window and the snow has started falling again!! Hope everyone has a great day and if you live where it is cold or snowy right now I hope you are staying toasty warm (which is apparently everyone in all of Canada and the US except for Florida)


Looking on the Positive Side

Happy Monday Everyone!!

DSC01782It’s snowing here for the first time this winter!! It started around nine this morning so it will be interesting to see how much is accumulated throughout the day. Sean hates driving in the snow especially considering we haven’t driven our new car in it yet, so I am sure he is not looking forward to his commute home tonight. I on the other hand am enjoying watching it fall outside my window while I catch up on all the things I need to do today.

One of those things was write this post about looking on the positive side. Now I am just going to be talking about my pregnancy but honestly it’s something I could do about any subject. I was sitting with Sean last night taking my pile of pills I need to keep me and baby healthy when I realized I hadn’t taken any Tylenol in FOREVER!! Now I am not a big pill popper to begin with but I will take something when I have a headache. Headaches are the one thing I can’t stand and of course I don’t just get little headaches I get full blown migraines. But I was trying to recall the last time I have had a migraine and I honestly can’t recall. I know I had them back during the summertime but within the last month at least I have been headache free. So for this I am super thankful.

This simple thought got me thinking about all the other things I could be thankful for at the moment, which isn’t much when you are (33 almost 34 weeks pregnant). So I came up with a list:

  1. No Headaches
  2. I have only gained 14 pounds (which is great news for me because I was expecting to gain a lot considering my mom ended up gaining like 50 pounds when she carried me)
  3. I don’t have any stretch marks yet (I realize they will come but I am going to enjoy the lack of them while it lasts)
  4. I can still take a bath without needing Sean to help me out of the tub
  5. Not being able to sleep at night gives me time to watch lots of YouTube videos

So even though there is a lot of painful negatives going on right now, there is also so many positives that go with them and of course this all is a sacrifice made to bring a healthy and beautiful baby boy into the world in less then  two months!!

Talk to everyone tomorrow!! I have a scrapbook post all planned out so I am excited to share it with you!


So it is the 5th of December already and all I can say is these next 7 weeks need to FLY by!!! On Monday I all of a sudden started feeling a little pressure down in my pelvic area; didn’t think too much about it because it normally goes away within a few minutes. Well not this time!!! I had a constant and painful I might add pressure that got worse on Tuesday and lasted until just this morning around eight. SERIOUSLY!?! I had a doctors appointment today and asked about it just to make sure it was normal and lucky me it is… I was secretly hoping it meant I would be given something to numb the pain a little. So for the next 7 weeks I get to expect these pressure pains to come and go and I just get to deal with the pain. This of course wouldn’t be all bad if I was able to take a nice bath in the evenings to help ease away some of the pain but our lovely neighbors are now home everyday and they like to run a lot of water so by the time I am ready for a bath there is no hot water ready for me to enjoy.

Other then that everything has been going really well!! Sean and I have been doing some fun Christmas type things and I am even creating a December Daily of this year to show a comparison of what life was like before baby. I would go on more about that but like I promised I will only talk scrapbooking on Tuesday’s and I missed this week so I will have to wait till next week to share.

Hope everyone is doing well, sorry I haven’t posted much lately I will try and get back into it. Though we all know as soon as this little guy comes the chances of me being on top of blogging are probably going to be thrown out the window. LOL!!