Scrappy Share Tuesday

Hey there everyone!!

I have decided that I will be doing a post about scrapbooking every Tuesday and the rest of the week if I choose to post will be about everything else my blog entails (personally I find it way too much work to have a separate blog for my scrapbook things vs. my daily life blog).  I decided on Tuesday’s because that is when I post my episode of Fix My Old Layouts on YouTube. Of course Tuesday’s right now is also the start of a new week for me in my pregnancy and I know I have some readers who are way more interested in that then anything scrappy related. The thing is though that if I tend to write anything about my pregnancy its about the prior week and seeing as though I am now 32 weeks along I only have about another 8 weeks before updating you on this wont be necessary. Once our little guy is born I will make sure to designate a day that is specifically about him as well.

I think separating things into days will help keep me organized and I hope you enjoy the new change coming to my blog… So lets get started!!!

To start off let me show you my newest layouts I did along with their process videos…

Hello My Beautiful NieceThis layout is of my niece Keira who I finally get to meet this week!!! My sister took her to get newborn pics done when she was just like a week old (this is all the way back in September) and out of all of them (which were Oh So CUTE) I decided that this one was my favorite and so I created her first page layout. I don’t scrap a ton about my nephews and now niece but the big moments are always fun too look back on.

Val's Maternity Shoot 2013The Second layout I want to show you is about my sister (Yes the one who delivered this beautiful little girl above). She never had maternity photos done with her boys so when she got them done with Keira I just new I had to scrap it. It was taken at sunset which inspired me to use the lighter colors for the background. I had just received a kit from scraptastic that was back from their October kit and used all their products so I wouldn’t have to think too much about if they would go together or not…

Well that’s it for today… I have more to share but I don’t want to make these posts too long or NO ONE will read them. LOL

I hope everyone has a great Thanksgiving (If you live in the States of course) and I will probably be posting a Thanksgiving post sometime this weekend if I can remember to take pictures!!



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