What A Difference 17 Weeks Can Make

Happy Wednesday Everyone!!

I can’t believe that I am already 31 weeks pregnant, where on earth has all the time gone?? This means I have 9 weeks and its most likely more like 7 if I get induced early like my doctor said might happen!! YIKES! My little guys room is still a storage unit and I haven’t had any baby showers yet (I am having two one in the States and one in Canada so everyone can make it). Thank goodness my loving mother (and father) will be home next week (Just in time for American Thanksgiving I might add) so we can get to work on bedding and everything else I have planned. I think this week I will be buying a wreath and old picture frame so that I can make this…a4bdabe1d9bb72d1cae8b90f4156cf9c47f1b62204d01e5446a05de2050ccdacOf course maybe not so girly with all the flowers… I might attempt to incorporate some woodland animals on it instead!! Speaking of woodland animals I also will be making my own mobile for his crib and once again this can’t be done until my mother gets home from her fall work trip. She is a professional seamstress so I am in luck when it comes to anything to do with sewing. I think I want to make the animals be a fox (obviously), deer, bear, squirrel and owl or the bird. So basically it will look exactly like the big picture to the left!!4914a184e866b43b270b46c21ee05a16

Then other then getting my dresser/change table painted I think I will be in good shape and not freaking out so much! I am hoping in the end the dresser will look like this:

I have a plan now I just need to execute it!! LOL

Well as much fun as rambling on about what the nursery is going to look like that really has nothing to do with what I wanted this post to be about. On Monday Sean took my week 30 picture and I am wearing the same outfit that I wore at week 13 so I thought it would be fun to do a comparison about the difference 17 weeks can make (hence the blog title)

Let me start by sharing the photo:

Pregnancy 20131Let me start with the obvious…

  • He was only 2.9 inches and .81 ounces during week 13 (or the size of a peach) and now he is 15.7 inches and weighs 3 pounds (or the size of a cucumber) Holy smokes that’s a HUGE difference.
  • And I seriously thought I looked pretty darn pregnant back at 13 weeks when obviously its nothing compared to being at 30 where everyone I see asks me am I having a boy or a girl and when is it due? (Seriously EVERYONE will be asking you this if you haven’t experienced it yet) One bonus is that at the moment my boobs have stayed the same size!!! (I know this will change once he is born but I am soaking it in until that moment comes)
  • Back at 13 weeks I was just starting to get the faintest flutter kicks from him that only I could feel and now he is a non stop moving machine that anyone can see let alone feel by just looking at my belly.
  • I could still fit into some of my non maternity clothes back at week 13 now I doubt I would even be able to pull my non maternity pants half way up! (LOL that would be a funny sight)
  • I was blissfully unaware that I had gestational diabetes at 13 weeks so eating junk food was an everyday occurrence, now I am just happy to be able to eat pudding for a treat every once and awhile! (Seriously someone better bring me a flippin huge chocolate chip cookie after I deliver)
  • One thing that has stayed annoyingly the same is the leg cramps I experience almost on a daily basis

I find it funny how every step in a pregnancy is such a big deal. I think we all want to rush through it so that we can meet our child but in reality I think its super important to take the time and cherish the phase you are currently in because if you haven’t experienced already trust me you will miss the stage you had once you are in a new one.




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