Hey It’s Tuesday Again!!

Happy Tuesday to Everyone,

images (1)For me this Tuesday represents something major… I am officially 30 weeks pregnant!!! That’s right only ten short weeks to go before I get to introduce you all to the little one inside me and finally be able to share his name with you (Which for a few I know is a major deal). It’s time to start getting things accomplished like finishing his nursery and getting our maternity pictures taken!! Both of which will appear on this blog I promise.

Before I go any further into the main point of this post I just wanted to take a moment to thank military both American and Canadian (Yes dual citizenship thing strikes again)

download imagesOkay now moving on! Today is my second addition of fix my layout Tuesday which I am doing on YouTube. This weeks episode didn’t go as planned as you will see in my video but in the end all was well and I ended up with this great layout created… I loved the way it turned out and am now happy to be able to share it in my album.DSC01717Here is this weeks episode for your viewing pleasure


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