Before & Afters

Happy Friday Everyone!!!

As I have been stating a lot lately I am trying to complete a bunch of old layouts so that when my little one comes in January I can focus only on layouts involving the present. So with my game plan intact I thought today would be the perfect opportunity to share with you three before and after layouts I did this week. Not that my old layouts were horrible or anything but they did not represent my taste as much as I knew they could. So I started a fix my layout Tuesday vlog on YouTube which you can watch here . 

4th Birthday Before 4th Birthday Before Layout

So as you can see its not horrible but it was a layout I had done a very long time ago and needed some much needed updating…
4th Birthday After4th Birthday After Layout

So here we have my updated one I did this week. As you can see there is still the same feeling to the layout, its just done in a more my style way. I even reused a few elements like the happy birthday chipboard you can see on the photo.

Ronni's Wedding Before

Ronni & Keith’s Wedding Before Layout

My best friends wedding was such a fun time and I wanted to document it in the best way possible. I did love the pp I used as my 12×12 starting off point but from there things just didn’t flow as well as they could have.Ronni's Wedding AfterRonni & Keith’s Wedding After

So as you can see this after layout turned out a little better then the before. My favorite part about it is that now it truly has a wedding feel to it which I felt the before layout did not. I used paint to highlight the photos and some lace at the top to soften everything up. All in all I am so happy that I decided to re-do this layout.

Photo's of Me 2011 Before

April Showers… Before Layout

I loved these three shots of myself that were taken in 2011 however I didn’t need to share that I was standing next to a now ex-boyfriends truck and I also just wasn’t in love with the all over feel for this layout. So I started to do something that involved some pink and white elements. This turned out to look way to valentines day looking and so instead I had to go to plan B.


Cute Pics After Layout

The first real noticeable change is the title. I didn’t feel like that long title was truly necessary to get my point across about this layout. So instead I just labeled it cute photos and re-used April so I would know what month these were taken in. I used hexagons which as you can tell from the layout right above it is my new favorite technique and just simply cut down my pictures to fit. I still ended up using some of the same embellishments but now this layout screams SPRING and I love looking at it.

I know the thought of redoing a layout may seem daunting and not worth it to some. For me however I am so happy I chose to change them up and now I am not embarrassed to share them in my albums.

Hope everyone has a great weekend… I am headed to a card making get together tonight with some old co-workers of mine so I am pretty excited to be getting out of the house.






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