Scrappy Share Tuesday

Hey there everyone!!

I have decided that I will be doing a post about scrapbooking every Tuesday and the rest of the week if I choose to post will be about everything else my blog entails (personally I find it way too much work to have a separate blog for my scrapbook things vs. my daily life blog).  I decided on Tuesday’s because that is when I post my episode of Fix My Old Layouts on YouTube. Of course Tuesday’s right now is also the start of a new week for me in my pregnancy and I know I have some readers who are way more interested in that then anything scrappy related. The thing is though that if I tend to write anything about my pregnancy its about the prior week and seeing as though I am now 32 weeks along I only have about another 8 weeks before updating you on this wont be necessary. Once our little guy is born I will make sure to designate a day that is specifically about him as well.

I think separating things into days will help keep me organized and I hope you enjoy the new change coming to my blog… So lets get started!!!

To start off let me show you my newest layouts I did along with their process videos…

Hello My Beautiful NieceThis layout is of my niece Keira who I finally get to meet this week!!! My sister took her to get newborn pics done when she was just like a week old (this is all the way back in September) and out of all of them (which were Oh So CUTE) I decided that this one was my favorite and so I created her first page layout. I don’t scrap a ton about my nephews and now niece but the big moments are always fun too look back on.

Val's Maternity Shoot 2013The Second layout I want to show you is about my sister (Yes the one who delivered this beautiful little girl above). She never had maternity photos done with her boys so when she got them done with Keira I just new I had to scrap it. It was taken at sunset which inspired me to use the lighter colors for the background. I had just received a kit from scraptastic that was back from their October kit and used all their products so I wouldn’t have to think too much about if they would go together or not…

Well that’s it for today… I have more to share but I don’t want to make these posts too long or NO ONE will read them. LOL

I hope everyone has a great Thanksgiving (If you live in the States of course) and I will probably be posting a Thanksgiving post sometime this weekend if I can remember to take pictures!!



What A Difference 17 Weeks Can Make

Happy Wednesday Everyone!!

I can’t believe that I am already 31 weeks pregnant, where on earth has all the time gone?? This means I have 9 weeks and its most likely more like 7 if I get induced early like my doctor said might happen!! YIKES! My little guys room is still a storage unit and I haven’t had any baby showers yet (I am having two one in the States and one in Canada so everyone can make it). Thank goodness my loving mother (and father) will be home next week (Just in time for American Thanksgiving I might add) so we can get to work on bedding and everything else I have planned. I think this week I will be buying a wreath and old picture frame so that I can make this…a4bdabe1d9bb72d1cae8b90f4156cf9c47f1b62204d01e5446a05de2050ccdacOf course maybe not so girly with all the flowers… I might attempt to incorporate some woodland animals on it instead!! Speaking of woodland animals I also will be making my own mobile for his crib and once again this can’t be done until my mother gets home from her fall work trip. She is a professional seamstress so I am in luck when it comes to anything to do with sewing. I think I want to make the animals be a fox (obviously), deer, bear, squirrel and owl or the bird. So basically it will look exactly like the big picture to the left!!4914a184e866b43b270b46c21ee05a16

Then other then getting my dresser/change table painted I think I will be in good shape and not freaking out so much! I am hoping in the end the dresser will look like this:

I have a plan now I just need to execute it!! LOL

Well as much fun as rambling on about what the nursery is going to look like that really has nothing to do with what I wanted this post to be about. On Monday Sean took my week 30 picture and I am wearing the same outfit that I wore at week 13 so I thought it would be fun to do a comparison about the difference 17 weeks can make (hence the blog title)

Let me start by sharing the photo:

Pregnancy 20131Let me start with the obvious…

  • He was only 2.9 inches and .81 ounces during week 13 (or the size of a peach) and now he is 15.7 inches and weighs 3 pounds (or the size of a cucumber) Holy smokes that’s a HUGE difference.
  • And I seriously thought I looked pretty darn pregnant back at 13 weeks when obviously its nothing compared to being at 30 where everyone I see asks me am I having a boy or a girl and when is it due? (Seriously EVERYONE will be asking you this if you haven’t experienced it yet) One bonus is that at the moment my boobs have stayed the same size!!! (I know this will change once he is born but I am soaking it in until that moment comes)
  • Back at 13 weeks I was just starting to get the faintest flutter kicks from him that only I could feel and now he is a non stop moving machine that anyone can see let alone feel by just looking at my belly.
  • I could still fit into some of my non maternity clothes back at week 13 now I doubt I would even be able to pull my non maternity pants half way up! (LOL that would be a funny sight)
  • I was blissfully unaware that I had gestational diabetes at 13 weeks so eating junk food was an everyday occurrence, now I am just happy to be able to eat pudding for a treat every once and awhile! (Seriously someone better bring me a flippin huge chocolate chip cookie after I deliver)
  • One thing that has stayed annoyingly the same is the leg cramps I experience almost on a daily basis

I find it funny how every step in a pregnancy is such a big deal. I think we all want to rush through it so that we can meet our child but in reality I think its super important to take the time and cherish the phase you are currently in because if you haven’t experienced already trust me you will miss the stage you had once you are in a new one.



Sweet & Spicy Bacon Wrapped Chicken

istockphoto_11466719-lady-chef1Welcome To Christy’s Kitchen

Earlier this week I decided it was time to actually cook something for dinner instead of just throwing something from a package into the oven (this lil guy inside me is making me very lazy). So I decided to try a twist on something I already knew Sean would like. Sweet & Spicy Bacon Wrapped Chicken!! YUMMY!!!!!1450059_10152027925837392_1906805361_n


4 chicken breasts cut in thirds (12 pieces)
12 Bacon slices
salt and pepper to taste
garlic powder
chili powder
brown sugar
  1. Turn oven on to 400 degrees
  2. Mix garlic and chili powder with salt & pepper in one bowl, then have another bowl with just your brown sugar waiting on the sidelines
  3. Cut each breast into 3 pieces then season all the chicken with the seasoning (This is done to taste so if you like it spicy add more if not add less)
  4. Wrap bacon slice around seasoned chicken then roll in brown sugar (Warning don’t over do it with the sugar or you will have very sweet chicken)
  5. Place wrapped chicken in a pre-sprayed oven proof dish
  6. Cook in oven for 40 to 60 minutes (Make sure chicken is fully cooked and bacon looks nice and brown)
That’s it a simple yet delicious dinner that would be served great with veggies and mashed potatoes

Hey It’s Tuesday Again!!

Happy Tuesday to Everyone,

images (1)For me this Tuesday represents something major… I am officially 30 weeks pregnant!!! That’s right only ten short weeks to go before I get to introduce you all to the little one inside me and finally be able to share his name with you (Which for a few I know is a major deal). It’s time to start getting things accomplished like finishing his nursery and getting our maternity pictures taken!! Both of which will appear on this blog I promise.

Before I go any further into the main point of this post I just wanted to take a moment to thank military both American and Canadian (Yes dual citizenship thing strikes again)

download imagesOkay now moving on! Today is my second addition of fix my layout Tuesday which I am doing on YouTube. This weeks episode didn’t go as planned as you will see in my video but in the end all was well and I ended up with this great layout created… I loved the way it turned out and am now happy to be able to share it in my album.DSC01717Here is this weeks episode for your viewing pleasure

Before & Afters

Happy Friday Everyone!!!

As I have been stating a lot lately I am trying to complete a bunch of old layouts so that when my little one comes in January I can focus only on layouts involving the present. So with my game plan intact I thought today would be the perfect opportunity to share with you three before and after layouts I did this week. Not that my old layouts were horrible or anything but they did not represent my taste as much as I knew they could. So I started a fix my layout Tuesday vlog on YouTube which you can watch here . 

4th Birthday Before 4th Birthday Before Layout

So as you can see its not horrible but it was a layout I had done a very long time ago and needed some much needed updating…
4th Birthday After4th Birthday After Layout

So here we have my updated one I did this week. As you can see there is still the same feeling to the layout, its just done in a more my style way. I even reused a few elements like the happy birthday chipboard you can see on the photo.

Ronni's Wedding Before

Ronni & Keith’s Wedding Before Layout

My best friends wedding was such a fun time and I wanted to document it in the best way possible. I did love the pp I used as my 12×12 starting off point but from there things just didn’t flow as well as they could have.Ronni's Wedding AfterRonni & Keith’s Wedding After

So as you can see this after layout turned out a little better then the before. My favorite part about it is that now it truly has a wedding feel to it which I felt the before layout did not. I used paint to highlight the photos and some lace at the top to soften everything up. All in all I am so happy that I decided to re-do this layout.

Photo's of Me 2011 Before

April Showers… Before Layout

I loved these three shots of myself that were taken in 2011 however I didn’t need to share that I was standing next to a now ex-boyfriends truck and I also just wasn’t in love with the all over feel for this layout. So I started to do something that involved some pink and white elements. This turned out to look way to valentines day looking and so instead I had to go to plan B.


Cute Pics After Layout

The first real noticeable change is the title. I didn’t feel like that long title was truly necessary to get my point across about this layout. So instead I just labeled it cute photos and re-used April so I would know what month these were taken in. I used hexagons which as you can tell from the layout right above it is my new favorite technique and just simply cut down my pictures to fit. I still ended up using some of the same embellishments but now this layout screams SPRING and I love looking at it.

I know the thought of redoing a layout may seem daunting and not worth it to some. For me however I am so happy I chose to change them up and now I am not embarrassed to share them in my albums.

Hope everyone has a great weekend… I am headed to a card making get together tonight with some old co-workers of mine so I am pretty excited to be getting out of the house.





What I didn’t Expect About Pregnancy

When I got pregnant I knew it was going to be an adventure. The only pregnant person I have ever been around was my sister and that was over seven years ago. I am the first one of my friends to be going through this amazing time in our lives (Though I now have a very happy BFF who is also expecting a little one in April!!) and so I knew to expect a little but there was so So SO much more that I didn’t expect. Here is my list…

  1. Hair Growth in UNWANTED Places: Okay so not to get gross right away but hair grows EVERYWHERE when you are knocked up. I really started noticing this when I was looking at my arms and those little freckles we all have were suddenly growing a few dark strands out of them. SERIOUSLY!?! Totally not expecting that to ever happen. Needless to say tweezers became my best friend and I am not even going to go into all the other places I have noticed unwanted hair.
  2. Kleenex Please: At first I just thought my constant runny nose was related to a cold I might have been getting or just normal pre-summer allergies that I sometimes get, but NO I have now been dealing with a runny nose everyday since the start of June. Luckily there is this amazing brand called Puff Plus Lotion that has saved my poor nose from looking like Rudolph the red nose reindeer.
  3. Please Just Chop them OFF: And no I am not talking about my sore breasts (that was one thing I was actually prepared for); I am talking about those two sticks that come out of your body that help you move from point A to point B. Yes LEGS!!! I am prone to leg cramps I get them at least once a month while in a peaceful slumber when my body decides to twist the wrong way. So you would think I would be fine in this category. WRONG!! It’s not just the occasional leg cramp that I am experiencing but this constant tingling sensation and no position seems to help. It just feels like I need to stretch my legs every three minutes but if I do that in the wrong way BAM hello leg cramp! I so hope this goes away as soon as this little guy is born or I will seriously start thinking about getting that chain saw.
  4. How Did You Get There: I was prepared for acne on my face, been dealing with that since I was a teenager (just like every other women on the planet) and I have definitely been battling with it; however I was not prepared to see the same unwanted acne that belongs on your face on the sides of my stomach. Seriously who ever gets acne there??? I am sure part of it is from the daily routine I do to try and keep stretch marks at bay but even before I did that I started to get them. This is one of those things I think pregnancy books should have warned us about; HOW RUDE!!
  5. ouch Ouch OUCH!!: I am not a huge fan of shaving my legs in general but apparently when you get pregnant this gets taken to a whole new level. I would shave my legs and no matter how I did it or how much shaving cream I used I would get cuts and razor burn. Now this is not normal for me; normally I cut myself shaving once every couple months not every flippin time. I was seriously thinking about just not shaving all together until baby arrived when my saving grace showed up on a forum from one of the baby sites I stalk… The trick is to use a guys razor and then to add to that I have found that using coconut oil with your shaving cream makes for the perfect concoction on NO CUT shaving. Once again this would have been nice to know back in June when I first started hating my legs instead of having to figure it out on my own in September!! That was three months of unnecessary pain.
  6. Well HELLO there Handsome: I just kind of figured that my sex drive would drop one I was pregnant. I mean really who wants to even think about that with a baby on the way right?? NOT THIS MOMMA TO BE… I have had the very opposite thing happen to me when it comes to that area. I have felt sexy even as my belly has been getting bigger and bigger; in fact I probably am at my highest level of self-esteem when it comes to the looks area right now. All in all not a bad place to be though I will admit that as I’m inching closer to thirty weeks my full throttle drive is slowing down to N…
  7. Can’t you smell the neighbors three doors down are making hamburgers: Being able to smell EVERYTHING and I mean everything from a very long distance away has maybe been my favorite unexpected pregnancy symptom. I fortunately tend to smell out the good things instead of the bad so my little world is always surrounded by the best smells. I however was not excpecting to be able to smell things from so far away, I mean really I could tell you what the entire street was making for dinner!!! I am hoping this amazing super women sense of smell I have goes away as soon as my little one is here so all those unpleasent smells are not magnified. HAHA!
  8. Need a Kleenex? No thanks I’m good really: I was under the impression that pregnant ladies cry A LOT and sometimes with no reason behind it other then their hormones made them. So thinking this would be me no doubt with my past teenage years of drama (I use to cry at everything until I reached my mid twenties) I prepared Sean to have lots of Kleenex on hand. The only problem here is I have only cried a grand total of four times this entire pregnancy. WAIT that doesn’t seem right!?! I KNOW but its true. I had the typical I am pregnant and super excited but super scared crying episode (Legitimate reason #1), Sean fell asleep before me and now is snoring crying episode (Pregnancy hormones Reason #1), ruined my mac & cheese so I cried on the floor for an hour episode (Pregnancy hormones strike again), and I have gestational diabetes how did this happen crying episode (Legitimate reason #2)… That’s it folks… No crying because something happened on TV or because I saw this women pushing her baby in a stroller down the street. No freaking out at Sean for no reason and scaring him away. Zip, 0, None!!! I wonder if this trend will continue once he is born??
  9. You can turn to the right now:– Babies move inside your tummy, that’s a given and I was prepared for him to do all that crazy kicking everyone talks about. I didn’t however expect him to push and push and push on my left side thinking eventually there will be more room for him over there. NEWS FLASH little one all you need to do is turn and head to the right side of mommies belly I promise there is plenty of unused space over there for your enjoyment.
  10. But you look so small for seven months: (Why thank you random people who keep telling me I look small, its nice to hear when I feel like a beached whale some days) I was prepared to be big, fat, and happily pregnant and when I say prepared to be big I mean HUGE. My mom gained a ton of weight when she had me and so everyone in my family kept saying how big I was going to get and to just be prepared for it because that was most likely a genetic thing and nothing I could avoid. Well sorry family but you were all WRONG… I am currently 29 weeks along and have only gained 13 pounds, now granted I could and will go through a major weight gain in the near future because that’s what all Mommas-to-be go through in their last few weeks but I don’t see this gaining 50 pounds ordeal happening to me. Score one for me!!

My Scrap Space

Happy Tuesday Everyone!!!

I am officially 29 weeks pregnant as of today! I can’t believe that he will be here in about two and a half months, its so crazy how fast these last few months have flown by.

Anyways today I did a video sharing my scrap space for you. I am in the process of getting really hooked into scrapbooking again and I just wanted to make sure I was able to share every part of my life on this blog. Sorry if it’s not your thing, I do promise this blog will not just be about scrapbooking. It’s meant to be my everything blog that friends and family can follow and stay up to date with my little families lives!!