Well Hello Old Friend

So I am a major scrapbooker; I’m talking in LOVE with the hobby! But over the past few years I have some how let if slip from being something I did almost every weekend to only doing one layout in all of 2012!?! What the heck right. SO now that Sean and I are pretty settled into our little basement suite with all my scrapbooking stuff right next to the kitchen I feel more inclined to actually produce something. (Also with the little one coming so soon I want to get all the old layouts done as possible so I can focus on just him and the year coming up) Today Sean had to go into work for a few hours and I have decided its the perfect time to start doing my first layout.1375122_10151966224272392_904402539_nI am so excited about finally doing something and now that I have to do 10 minutes of standing after each meal (post about this coming soon) it gives me an automatic 30 mins everyday to work on something scrapbooking related. So here is what I plan on working on…

  1. DSC01603Pregnancy Album- Obviously being as though I am pregnant with my first I am doing a pregnancy album for him. I have been doing a little here and there on it and I do plan on sharing the whole project once its all done with. I have really been enjoying working on it even though I haven’t printed a single picture for it yet. The goal is to do each week like I have been sharing with you on a page and then of course including things like the gender announcement and what not. Can’t wait for him to be able to look at it one day and be able to see all that happened while he was inside mommy’s tummy!
  2. 81GmrdONQ3L._SL1500_ download (1)Project Life 2014- I know, I know I am being extremely silly for thinking I can do Project Life and having my first child all at the same time; but I have a game plan here. (If you don’t know what Project Life is let me explain… It’s where you scrapbook your life every week for a whole year) The plan is to do all the week tags ex. Week 1 all before January 1st even gets here. I already have the kits I decided to use and I LOVE them so much!!! I decided to use both Maggie Holmes’ Flea Market Mini Kit and Elizabeth Kartchner’s Fifth and Frolic Kit. To make things as easy as possible on me I am going to try and color coordinate all the cards and have my pictures be B&W. Lastly I plan to include the same things each week like the weather, picture of what I was wearing, a card that goes through the entire week plus the weekly card. So that leaves me with just a few places for doing all the other stuff you can include. I think it will work well as long as I stay diligent with it.
  3. Old Layouts- And lastly I plan on getting as many old layouts completed as possible. I am kind of to the point that whatever doesn’t get finished before little one arrives isn’t going to be scrapbooked at all. So with that in mind I think I will be able to choose the most important ones and get them done. I have about three months to complete all of them so lets see what happens… Here is some examples of my scrapbooking work!!BabyMania_1 DSC01537 DSC013836_1 FavMovies2_1 hpqscan000320_1I think this is going to be a fun adventure to say the least!!


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