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Sean has to work until like nine tonight so I have had the whole day to do nothing but work on scrapbooking!! It’s been great and here is all that I have accomplished (And its only 4:30!!!)Title Page Card Title Page Card 2 Week 7 Week 7 Heart 3x4 Week 25 Week 44 Week 44 Boo 3x4 Week 52 Week 52 Cards


Gestational Diabetes

DiabetesThey say 7% of all pregnant ladies have a chance of getting gestational diabetes… To me this means I will NOT be having to deal with this… WRONG!!! I went in for my first screening which is simple. You drink this gross orange solution head to the lab and after its been in your system for an hour they draw your blood. Within a day I got a phone call from my doctor’s office telling me that my levels were high and I needed to go in for the three hour screening now. At this point I am still thinking that everything will be fine and I won’t have GD… WRONG!!!

The three hour test involves getting your blood drawn 4 times when all is said and through (Have I mentioned I HATE needles!!!) They do an initial blood draw to see your levels before giving you a solution like the last one only way way sweeter. You then get to just sit around for three hours while they draw your blood on the hour mark. By the time I had gotten to my last draw the lady couldn’t get the needle in the vein right away and I have great veins so that sucked!!

I went home thinking all would be okay and didn’t think anything of it until that dreaded phone call came within a day of the screening. The nurse calmly told me that my levels were high and I do indeed have gestational diabetes. Hopefully with just diet and exercise I wont need insulin but if I can’t get it under control there will be daily needles in my life very soon. At first I was doing a great job of holding myself together but the longer she talked the weaker I became until I just couldn’t take it anymore and started crying. (I am not a crier especially since the start of this pregnancy I have become even less emotional… Weird I know) The poor nurse tried to reassure me that everything would be okay and the baby was in no harm as long as I followed a healthy diet. Once I got off the phone my entire day was consumed of me crying all day. I would collect myself for a little while and then just break down again. At one point I even started saying out loud “mommy’s so sorry *********” (Yeah still not sharing his name sorry). Sean came home and got to experience me crying for only like the second time… Thank goodness he was so supportive and after about a half hour I finally stopped crying for the rest of the evening. (Funny enough just reliving this moment is making me teary eyed)

treatment-of-gestational-diabetesOn Monday I went to a class with about seven other ladies dealing with GD as well. I learned all the stuff I could and couldn’t eat and the oh so fun part of how to prick my finger every day (YAY ME!!) The Dr. sat down to actually show me my results from my three hour test and they were bad…

Fasting (1st blood draw) you should be less then 5.1 and I was 3.9 (Yes not bad)

1 Hour you should be less then 10.0 I was 11.1 (a little high for sure)

2 Hour you should be less then 8.5 I was 12.6 (WHAT!?! how did that happen)

3 Hour your should be less then 7.7 I was 10.8 (Still high)

In other words my body really doesn’t like sugar at all!!! They recommend that I just stay completely away from junk food at all times until after this little guy is born. I also was recommended to start taking Vitamin D so now I get to add another pill to pop during my day… Here is what I am currently taking

  • Prenatal Vitamin
  • Coconut Oil
  • Fish Oil
  • Vitamin C
  • Heartburn Meds
  • Iron
  • Vitamin D3

Low-Carb-Diets-Weak-Against-Gestational-Diabetes1-870x580It is currently Thursday morning and I am happy to report that I have been following my diet to a T and walking every day… Lets just hope I can keep this up until the end of January, though Dr. Tam says its possible that they may induce me early because having GD can make baby grow a little too big.

Well Hello Old Friend

So I am a major scrapbooker; I’m talking in LOVE with the hobby! But over the past few years I have some how let if slip from being something I did almost every weekend to only doing one layout in all of 2012!?! What the heck right. SO now that Sean and I are pretty settled into our little basement suite with all my scrapbooking stuff right next to the kitchen I feel more inclined to actually produce something. (Also with the little one coming so soon I want to get all the old layouts done as possible so I can focus on just him and the year coming up) Today Sean had to go into work for a few hours and I have decided its the perfect time to start doing my first layout.1375122_10151966224272392_904402539_nI am so excited about finally doing something and now that I have to do 10 minutes of standing after each meal (post about this coming soon) it gives me an automatic 30 mins everyday to work on something scrapbooking related. So here is what I plan on working on…

  1. DSC01603Pregnancy Album- Obviously being as though I am pregnant with my first I am doing a pregnancy album for him. I have been doing a little here and there on it and I do plan on sharing the whole project once its all done with. I have really been enjoying working on it even though I haven’t printed a single picture for it yet. The goal is to do each week like I have been sharing with you on a page and then of course including things like the gender announcement and what not. Can’t wait for him to be able to look at it one day and be able to see all that happened while he was inside mommy’s tummy!
  2. 81GmrdONQ3L._SL1500_ download (1)Project Life 2014- I know, I know I am being extremely silly for thinking I can do Project Life and having my first child all at the same time; but I have a game plan here. (If you don’t know what Project Life is let me explain… It’s where you scrapbook your life every week for a whole year) The plan is to do all the week tags ex. Week 1 all before January 1st even gets here. I already have the kits I decided to use and I LOVE them so much!!! I decided to use both Maggie Holmes’ Flea Market Mini Kit and Elizabeth Kartchner’s Fifth and Frolic Kit. To make things as easy as possible on me I am going to try and color coordinate all the cards and have my pictures be B&W. Lastly I plan to include the same things each week like the weather, picture of what I was wearing, a card that goes through the entire week plus the weekly card. So that leaves me with just a few places for doing all the other stuff you can include. I think it will work well as long as I stay diligent with it.
  3. Old Layouts- And lastly I plan on getting as many old layouts completed as possible. I am kind of to the point that whatever doesn’t get finished before little one arrives isn’t going to be scrapbooked at all. So with that in mind I think I will be able to choose the most important ones and get them done. I have about three months to complete all of them so lets see what happens… Here is some examples of my scrapbooking work!!BabyMania_1 DSC01537 DSC013836_1 FavMovies2_1 hpqscan000320_1I think this is going to be a fun adventure to say the least!!

Not So Fun Night On Sunday (WARNING TMI!!!!)

1391532_10151941333142392_873738494_nAfter a very fun filled day spent with Sean and my parents in Vancouver going to the Bellies to Babies Celebration (I’ll write a post on this later), I found myself not feeling very well Sunday afternoon. I had a headache that was turning into a migraine and I kept falling asleep for short amounts of time. I could tell that maybe I was getting a little cold or something but never imagined what was about to come next.

Around 7:30 I felt nauseous so I went to the washroom thinking my new prenatal’s hadn’t responded well with the small cup of Oreo pudding I had for dinner. I did throw up a little but it was pretty much like the last time I had morning sickness. After that I went to the couch to start watching Amazing Race with Sean. Not even three minutes into the show and I really felt sick (WARNING THIS IS GROSS INFO COMING UP)! I can happily say I made it to the washroom and most of the vomit landed in the bowl, however this time it wasn’t just this tiny amount. Instead it was enough to fill the entire toilet bowl and at the end there was blood coming out too. I had it all over my clothes and on our bathroom rug. I can clearly remember thinking I need to clean this up NOW!!!

Seeing blood freaked me out a little (I am not really one who throws up to often) so I called my mom to ask if I should be going to the hospital. She said no it was just from all the hacking I was doing and is actually pretty common. She told me to rinse off and then take a nice hot bath. Obviously listening to her advice because what one person could possibly throw up any more fluid when there was nothing left inside them, I took a bath. Not even ten minutes into my bath once again was hit with the urge to throw up. By this time I knew something wasn’t right. Knowing how important it is to not get dehydrated when you are not pregnant I was assuming being pregnant would increase that ten fold. I went to the living room and told Sean it was time to head to the hospital. By this time it was around 9:30 pm and Sean goes to bed at 10:00 so he can be up for work early.

The drive to the hospital sucked!! I threw up once more and I felt like it might start coming out the other end as well.

images (1)The emergency room was packed when we arrived. We stood in line behind this one gal for almost ten minutes. Within that time I once again felt sick as could be and ran myself to the washroom where I had to decide what was going to come out first. After that horrifying ordeal I went back to stand in line with Sean. Fortunately it didn’t take very long after that. They asked me how far along I was (I forget that I am obviously showing now) and then asked me to wait in this little tiny triage room. I was figuring I would get to wait in the waiting room with all these other people who looked and felt like I did. The girl in front of me was in that room as well but within two minutes a nurse came in and called my name. She sat me down and started asking more questions and then took my vitals. During this whole time I was starting to have my right eye go kind of blurry and I could feel myself on the verge of blacking out. Then I threw up and was knocked back to reality!! The nurse took me straight to a bed and hooked me up to an IV so I could get some fluid in me. (YAY no waiting in that waiting room for me; guess that’s one bonus of being pregnant when you need to go to the ER). They then gave me some gravol to help with my throwing up, that stuff was amazing!!

I went through the hot and cold thing and that’s when the nurse said she thinks I have the flu. I was warned that the ER was very busy and chances were this was going to be a long wait for us. All I kept thinking is poor Sean is going to have to call out of work tomorrow. We sat in a little triage room for about two and a half hours, watching all these other patients check in get asked questions and then directed to go back out to the waiting room where someone would be with them as soon as they could. I even heard one nurse say that there was a guy out there that had been waiting over three hours. (Talk about being grateful for being pregnant by the second) Around midnight I was told I was going to be transferred to the family birthing unit where a doctor was going to make sure everything was okay with the baby. That took about another half hour before we were taken there and then I got to talk to some other nurses who made me put on a robe then left us alone where we could turn the lights off until the doctor arrived.

Normally this would have been a simple thing and we probably would have been gone within fifteen minutes except we came on a night where there were two moms delivering twins and one of the deliveries was not going very smoothly. Once the doctor came however he check my belly a little and I was told everything was fine. I was smart for coming and getting re-hydrated and that he was more then willing to become my doctor during the rest of my pregnancy. (I still haven’t gotten a doctor in Canada yet because my medical was just cleared last week) Sean and I got home around 2:30 where he promptly fell right to sleep. I on the other hand tossed and turned all night.

Sean did manage to get up in time for work and I spent the entire day in bed on Pinterest with very little appetite. I think I ate some pudding and some bread the entire day. It was not a very fun experience but it was nice to see how Sean handles these types of situations. He was calm and comforting and never complained once about getting lack of sleep. Just another reason I love him so much!!

As of today I am still not feeling fantastic but definitely better then I was.


Our Little One Has A Name!!!

name_xlargeSo after much thought Sean and I have decided 100% on a name for our little guy!!! It is……..


imagessorry we are not telling anyone yet.

All I am willing to say is that there is anin both his first and middle name.

Also they both start with the same letter, maybe that’s the A maybe its not!

One things for certain we are both thrilled to have decided and I can’t wait to start working on the nursery decor that had to be put on hold till the name was decided on.