Goodbye Second Trimester

Well I can’t believe it but the time has come to say goodbye to my second trimester. This has been a great three months filled with lots of changes that were all for the better. First let me share with you my pictures…Week 14 Week 15 - Copy Week 16 Week 17 - Copy Week 18, 19 - Copy Week 20Week 21Week 22 Week 23

Now onto some of my favorite things about this trimester…

  1. Coconut oil-coconut_oil I ran out of Momma mio products and didn’t really feel like paying another $80 for a whole set again. Instead I have switched to using coconut oil to help me not get stretch marks super bad. Of course this is all just in me hoping, there is no scientific proof that using any product will truly help reduce the amount of stretch marks you obtain. I do plan on buying another round of Momma Mio within the next couple weeks to use during the final stages of my pregnancy. I enjoy the smell and it does feel very soothing to the skin especially the Boob tube bottle that helps with the slight pain I have been feeling with my nipples lately. Sorry for the TMI!!
  2. My bump- It was so fun to be able to finally tell that I was pregnant and not just put on some weight. I have been very lucky and only gained 12 pounds at the moment which is right on track for a healthy pregnancy. I am not really worried about my weight or anything but there was a time there for awhile where all I felt like was fat not pregnant. Now that I have a cute bump to look at all the time I find myself staring in the mirror a lot and I do mean a LOT!!!
  3. downloadNew clothes- Now that I officially can’t fit into any of my pre-pregnancy clothes I have truly loved shopping for a few new shirts and bottoms. My mom and I found this great little consignment store where we live called the little red wagon; its actually a child’s consignment store but there is a small section of maternity clothes there as well. I found my two favorite shirts here. One is originally from the gap and the other is a no brand shirt that is just the most comfortable thing I have ever worn. I also got a chance to go shopping in Victoria with my sister at old navy when I went to visit her earlier this month. They were having a sale so I got three fall/winter tops all for about $56!! Now all I need is a new coat because I can hardly zip mine up and its just beginning to get cold out.
  4. DSC01595Finding out babies gender- The absolute best part about this whole trimester however was when Sean and I found out we are going to be having a BOY!!! We had the first ultrasound of the day so it was about 7 am when I climbed onto the table to start the anatomy scan. I figured that the technician would tell us toward the end of the appointment what we were having but instead by 7:05 we knew the gender. Sean’s face was priceless and I don’t think he looked away from the screen once during our hour long appointment with her. I was not surprised that it was a boy of course because of that dream I had earlier. I just had this overwhelming feeling that it would indeed be a boy. So I was happy to see my mommy instincts are already kicking in.

So there you have it. A very amazing and fun filled second trimester has come to an end! It’s now onto figuring out a baby name and fixing up his nursery. I can’t believe I am in the home stretch of this amazing miracle God blessed us with!


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