Family Traditions (Maternity and Newborns)

book_of_new_family_tradI just finished reading this very thought provoking book about family traditions. It got me thinking about all the family traditions I want to pass on to my little one who will be here sooner then I can imagine. I know there will be the basics like Christmas, Thanksgiving, and Easter; but what about those every day traditions that I could start??

I love the fact that I am starting this process before our first child even has arrived yet. This makes it so that all he will ever know is tradition in our little family. Here are a few of the ideas I have churning in my head….

Maternity and Newborns:

  1. The first tradition that is already currently under works for my little one is a very special nursery designed just for him. Now obviously this tradition is more for Sean and myself to enjoy because the chances of him remembering his nursery decor are slim to zip with the exceptions of the pictures he will see of it.Nursery That being said this simple act of choosing what your little one gets to come home to can be very rewarding and it inspires you to think of the things he (or she) would like if they were able to tell you themselves. Plus its just a fun experience!! I am lucky enough to have a sweet guy who is into helping me decide what should or should not be used for our decor. Everything I pick out I check with him to make sure he likes. This makes the process that much more special because its the combining of both of us. It becomes a tradition when our next child is due to arrive (at least two years from now FYI) and we once again choose a specific theme for him/her to come home to!
  2. Pregnancy Album-DSC01603 I knew right when I got pregnant that I would be making a pregnancy album to be able to share with my little one once he is older to enjoy it. It also marks itself as a reminder of those special nine months that he has spent inside me! These special albums could be as simple as just a picture a week with some basic info of what was going on during that specific week in pregnancy all the way to an elaborate scrapbook of your nine month journey (I am doing the later option). You can include things like poems that mean something to you and if your anything like me all those extra ultrasound pictures you received. Either way its a sweet tradition to start and keep up with during every pregnancy you go through.
  3. Maternity Photo Shoot- A tradition I really want to start is making sure that Sean and I take part in a Maternity photo shoot for every child we are expecting. Nursery1The goal here is just to have fun and have great memories to keep for whatever you use your photos for. Mine will be a combination of adding to my pregnancy album and choosing one or two of the best shots to be hung on the wall! There are tons of photographers out there that will combine your maternity and newborn shots into one package deal. Thus of course saving your a little extra dough while your at it. I highly recommend that you spend some time looking online at some options for what your shoot could be like. This makes it so much more personal and will scream YOU to anyone who sees the photos!
  4. BIRTH-Day!! I honestly can’t wait for when our little one is here and I get to start his “birthday” off right! The goal here is to celebrate his arrival to his family. I am going to have someone bring a simple cupcake with a candle that has the number Zero on it. Then take a picture like this…4a98b765ed21813febc3403c51a67fb0 Afterwards Sean and I will each take a bite from the cupcake to celebrate his birth! I feel like this simple act is going to be such a meaningful tradition and a great picture to look back on!
  5. The Twelve Months Of (Insert Your child’s Name Here)- The last tradition I want to share with you for this category is the simple and fun act of taking a photo a month of your newborn and in some way document the changes that are happening to him/her. For Sean and me, I think that we will be doing something like this…bebf6de5e2b6488a9a66a114d314dcbfIt could be a lot like the pictures you took during your pregnancy but the one thing that is important here is that you put your child next to the same object every month so you can physically see the growth happening! I love the idea of using the chalkboard but ours is already hung up in the nursery so we will see if that’s the object we choose to use or not. It might be the corner of our couch with a stuffed animal and blanket and then I would just write the info on the picture itself through Picasa.

Traditions don’t have to always be the Huge events in life; sometimes its celebrating the little things. I know growing up we had a few traditions we did when I was younger and once my parents changed career direction I truly missed out on a ton of opportunities to celebrate a family tradition. I vowed never to do that with my own family and I think these 5 new traditions will be a fun start!!


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